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The Guyver – Episode 54

I’ve been rejected by death.

11 Responses to “The Guyver – Episode 54”

  • Michelle:

    I love your podcasts! I’d almost forgotten about this movie and how much I liked it. Thanks for refreshing my memory!

  • The Wheelchair:

    This movie has the best scene transitions ever. Every movie should transition like that.

  • David:

    I always thought this movie would be a piece of shit when I’d walk past the cover in my local video store. This review has definitely made me want to see it (and the sequel).

    So is the Director’s version on dvd cut or uncut? I was a bit confused by that bit.

  • Will:

    My one gripe on The Guyver, and I mention this in my book (sorry, shameless plug), is that it can’t decide what genre to be in. At some points, it appears to be a horror-action hybrid, in others a science fiction tale. In one scene (or, in the SAME scene), it will be a gore-focused kung fu movie while in another, moments later (or, once again, in the SAME scene) be a slapstick comedy.

    The scene that bears this out to me is when The Guyver is in the final fight and, cutting back and forth, we see the scientist monsters chase around Mark Hamil and the girlfriend in silly side-to-side, near-Benny Hill back and forths! And don’t get me started on the Jimmy Walker movie within a movie scene.

    But the film is great! I have loved it since I was a kid.

    As for Dark Hero. . .I remember watching that on my birthday in 1995 (I think). I was very excited but, instead, got a bit scared (I was 13) and was a little depressed at how dark it was. But, as an older lad, I appreciate what it was trying to do. However, you will never convince me the bass player from Primus’ score was good!


    • Cecil:

      The director loved JJ Walker and just let him ad lib because his stuff was often funnier than what was scripted. Considering how serious the source material was it was odd to see how silly the movie turned out. I still love it as well.

      Dark Hero addressed how silly the first one was and made it much more like the manga. I’ll give a better (and much longer) description when I finally give it a review.

  • Jr.:

    The only bad part about this movie is the lead. David Hayter did a much better job in the second one.

    • Cecil:

      Well, the second also was a much better movie in all aspects. Agreed though, the lead was the weak link…which was rough considering he was the lead! Still a fun movie but 2 blows it away.

  • Jr.:

    I hope you do eventually review the second one. That movie deserves to be recognized for the classic that it is and that incredible fight scene at the end.

  • mogens:

    1.this is the 3 time the hole re animator team Meats 1 time Was re animator 2 time was from beyond
    2.dos this mean you will review dark hero?

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