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20 Plus Questions with Good Bad Flicks

30 Responses to “20 Plus Questions with Good Bad Flicks”

  • Jr.:

    You’re a fan of Gamma Ray? You’re my new favorite reviewer! I’m glad to hear that you hear back from some of the filmmakers, I would love to hear what they say about your and their comments about their works. Thanks for answering about the behind the scenes stuff, I would love to learn about that.
    Thanks for the vid!

    • Cecil:

      Yay! 🙂

      Gamma Ray are awesome. Been listening to them since 1990 when Kai left Helloween. While Helloween imploded (sadly) Gamma Ray just got better and better.

  • Jeffrey:

    I have the same answer for a movie that everyone loves but I hate and I think its overrated and that is…


    God I hated that movie. If I had to see one more fucking slow mo shot of that fucking van falling into the water I was going to go on a rampage.

    Gotta agree with you as far as Silent Hill goes. I didn’t even think the sequel was as bad as everyone said it was. The first one may not have been a direct adaptation but it was still more spot on than any of the Resident Evil films. I also think “Book of Shadows: Blair Witch 2” is really underrated. It also has one of my favorite scores. Same goes for “Suspiria” and “Ravenous”. “Heavy Metal” has a pretty awesome soundtrack. So do the first two “Crow” movies.

    I also think Ang Lee’s “Hulk” is very underrated but I think I’m alone on that one. Have you by chance seen any of the Lion’s Gate animated marvel releases? I think they’re pretty good. If you haven’t I’d say go ahead and check em out. They’re surprisingly adult for animated features.

    But as far as Argento goes I’d have to say my favorite is still “Inferno”.

    “Gummo” still ranks as one of the worst films I’ve ever sat through and somehow I was still able to watch it all without giving up on it. Watching that movie was a lot like eating a type of food you hate made by a shitty cook. You can either spit it out immediately or suck it up and eat it, and boy did I eat it when I watched that one. I hated every second of it and hated myself for watching it. Its also by the same guy who did “Spring Breakers”. Harmony Karine seriously needs to retire. It seems like he’s only interested in making movies that appeal to no one.

    Also Godflesh released a new album at the tail end of 2014. Its pretty awesome but I haven’t listened to an Opeth album since “Watershed”. I heard a lot of negative responses for their next few releases so I kind of gave up on them. Is the new stuff any good?

    • Cecil:

      I don’t think Blair Witch 2 is as much underrated as it is misunderstood. The film as it is, is kind of a mess but the director’s cut is amazing.

      I liked Ang Lee’s Hulk but I think audiences weren’t really ready for more than “Hulk smash”.

      Gummo is godawful. Korine has a niche and its in the toilet.

      Godflesh has a new album out? I gotta get it.

      The new Opeth is a masterwork, although I get why some fans aren’t into it. Its more, I guess jazz fusion. I say listen to some songs on youtube to see if they work for you. They’ve been going in this direction for years, moving away from the death metal stuff. While I like death metal, they have evolved.

      • Jeffrey:

        Yeah that was pretty much my reaction when Amazon suggested that new Godflesh album. Guess I’ve lost touch with the music scene. I think I gotta say that “Blackwater Park” will always be my favorite Opeth album and ranks up there with one of my favorite metal albums period. With that said I hated “Damnation” the first time I heard it… but after a few listens it became one of my favs. If the new album is anything like that one I’m in. Still doom to progressive metal to jazz fusion is a rather bizarre transition. Can’t say I’ve heard of any other band evolve like… except for maybe whatever Metallica was trying to do. Oh Cannibal Corpse also had a new release in 2014. Been meaning to pick it so I’m not sure how good it is yet.

        • Cecil:

          I remember watching a metal video series and they had Godflesh on. (struck me as odd since Godflesh aren’t even remotely metal)

          Opeth have definitely gone in a wild direction. I agree, I can’t think of any other band that has evolved quite like them. While I like both iterations of the band, I can understand some fans being pissed off at their changes. Still, they are the ones making the music and its their decision as to where their music goes.

          Haven’t picked up the new Cannibal Corpse yet but I will eventually. Saw then live years ago and they put on a good show.

          • Jeffrey:

            One of the best concerts I’ve ever been to was a halloween show in Dallas with Exhumed, Macabre, and Cannibal Corpse. I was most excited about Macabre because they don’t usually come this far down south. Still I wish I would have been able to see Cannibal Corpse while Chris Barnes was still in the lineup but I was only 13 or so when he left and I can’t say I was all that big of a death metal fan at the time. I have however seen Six Feet Under live. Godflesh is a hard band to slap any kind of label on. Its sorta metal and its sorta industrial and at times it even sounds close to sludge… they remind me sometimes of Killing Joke. Both bands have had their hands in so many different styles. Mastodon had a new release last year too but I just don’t agree with every one who seems so dazzled by it. Maybe time will change my mind.

  • Doug Glassman:

    Instead of Toxic Avenger, you should definitely do a video on Sgt. Kabukiman NYPD.

  • jack:

    Completely agree with what you said about Gravity that is probably the most overrated film in the recent memory with that I went to see in the cinema in 3D because it was getting praised for it visuals as well the story never of which were anything special.

    With the exception of Guardians of the Galaxy that was surprisingly good the new Marvel Universe films range from OK to bad to terrible.

    I like The Green Lantern film that I thought was one of the better comic book films released in recent years don’t understand the hate that film gets.

    I prefer the 2004 Punisher to the 89 version.

    I quite liked Battlefield Earth not nearly as bad as its reputation has received.

    Spiders (2000) is clearly the best monster movie. 😁

    • demonknight:

      If you look at most of James Gunn’s prior works, it is not in the least surprising that Guardians of the Galaxy was excellent. Check out Slither, The Specials, Super, and the PG Pornos, most of which are on YouTube.

    • Jeffrey:

      You know what? I rather like the 2004 “Punisher” too. I really dig “War Zone” as well. I think we’re lucky to have so many variations of the same character. You’ve got Dolph Lundgren’s quippy but dark Punisher, Thomas Jane’s really dark and depressing Punisher, and Ray Stevenson’s cartoonishly ultraviolent Punisher. Can’t wait for them to make another one with a fourth actor.

      I dunno about “Battlefield Earth” though. I really like it but in a so bad its good way. It’s stupid but fun. I don’t feel like you could call it this generation’s “Plan 9” because “Plan 9” didn’t have nearly the budget or star power that “Battlefield Earth” did but they’re at least similar in execution. Just like “Plan 9” everybody involved in it had high hopes for something with such low quality. I just listened to a Projection Booth podcast where they interviewed a screen writer and the director of “Battlefield Earth”. It was pretty interesting. You should check it out if you’re a fan of the movie.

      • jack:

        I like Dolph Lundgren as the actual Punisher better than Thomas Jane but overall I like the 2004 Punisher better setting up the origin of the character and how he became who he was with better action and story that benefited for not having a huge budget that was relatively modest at $33 million.

        I think I would like to have seen Mickey Rourke play the role instead of Lundgren though.

        I hated the sequel Warzone that was pretty much everything the director of the 2004 version said he didn’t want the Punisher to be a mindless shoot e’m up with some fancy camera shots.

        I watched the Dirty Laundry short film that Thomas Jane did on YouTube that tried to rekindle interest in the franchise but it he really didn’t sell it well that had the opposite effect that made the Punisher just look like another mediocre and generic vigilantly justice character that you could easily imagine Steven Seagal playing. 😁

        Don’t know who would be best suited to play The Punisher now.

        Battlefield Earth was good for what it was a cheesy good bad flick that was still an enjoyable film to watch. A lots of its overly negative feedback even before its release is mainly due to its connection to Scientology.

      • Cecil:

        I enjoyed all the Punisher films in various degrees. I think that the Thomas Jane one was the best made film but I can’t can’t past the campy enjoyment of the Lundgren one. Its like comfort food in movie form.

        Battlefield Earth just feels so terribly put together. I laugh at some things and have joked about it but oeverall, it us just a chore to sit through.

  • mogens: you know a good top 10 henchmen list? I hate myself for asking this again but since you did the captain american movie with the release of winter soldier Will you please do on hercules in new york

  • Roy:

    The Silent Hill movie’s unique. 🙂

    Unless you were aware of the character via animated TV (Super Friends, Superman: TAS and Justice League: TAS) or that song “Sunshine Superman” by Donovan, I didn’t think that GL was mainstream before the film. Like jack, I like the GL film, and I’m grateful the studio didn’t make it into a full-blown comedy like they planned to do eons ago (Eddie Murphy was attached to the project, then Jack Black).

    As for Prime, I thought he was kind of a second-rate take on Captain Marvel/Shazam, and you’re about Marvel screwing Malibu over by buying them. Recently, Prime’s co-creator, Norm Breyfogle had a stroke.

    The 1990 Punisher film works as an solid B-action film to me, not as a comic book film.

    Lloyd Kaufmann had a fun part as a fence in “Guardians of The Galaxy”, which I liked A LOT BETTER than “The Avengers”, since he was James Gunn’s film mentor at Troma. A doc on the company would be cool.

    “The Thin Red Line” is all right.

    “THEM” is one of my favorites since it’s a B-movie premise that’s given an A-movie treatment (Warner Bros.) If you didn’t spot the cameo of Leonard Nimoy in it, shame on you.

    Cool Q&A, Cecil. Hope “Sleepaway Camp” is fun and remember…”Gordon’s Alive?!”

    • Cecil:

      I remember reading about the Jack Black Green Lantern and if that came to be I think I would have rage-quit the planet. My all time favorite comic book character reduced to a shitty comedy played by my least favorite actor. Great, take a noble guy who is fighting to protect the universe and turn him into a fat, belching, farting, douchebag who uses one of the most powerful items in the universe to scratch his ass.

      The beauty of Prime is that MAJOR SPOILERS

      He was just a kid and Prime was his perception of what a hero was. He was emulating Superman and then when he was going through his rebellious phase, he went for the more “tough guy” Prime. Brilliant concept that the most powerful Ultra in the world was a kid going through puberty. Sadly, the people who never read the book didn’t see beyond the cover and just assumed he was a Superman knockoff.

  • Keith:

    Interesting video Cecil…I wouldn’t mind seeing more episodes like this. Perhaps using some of the comments posted here and on other sites as a basis for a monthly (or when time allows) video response to your fans?

    I agree with you about The Toxic Avenger and a video about Troma would be far more interesting. Lloyd Kaufman seems like the type of guy who would actually do a cameo for a video about his company & films. He did an episode of AVGN with James Rolfe for a Toxic Avenger video game…pretty hilarious stuff and Lloyd seemed to be enjoying himself doing it. Perhaps it would be better suited for an episode of Radiodrome where Lloyd could Skype with you, Josh and Petar.

    On a side note, I’m surprised you haven’t gotten around to looking at ‘Street Trash’ yet. It’s impossible to categorize…it’s a splatter-romance-comedy-action movie with hobos. It’s just wrong on so many levels, a perfect fit for a Good Bad Flicks & Cine-Masochist crossover.

    Looking forward to your next video!

    • Jeffrey:

      Mind you it was back in the Jerrid and Brad days but Radiodrome already interviewed Lloyd Kaufman. Its episode 25 of Radiodrome and if you haven’t listened to it I suggest you check it out Keith. There’s also a fascinating Uwe Boll interview on episode 84.

      • Keith:

        Thanks for pointing the Lloyd Kaufman Radiodrome episode out to me Jeffrey! I’m not a huge fan of Brad, sometimes I like his stuff and other times he misses the mark. I find it hard to listen to some of the older Radiodrome episodes with him still on it. Somehow I missed the one with Lloyd, I’ll have to check that one out for sure. I did listen to the Uwe Boll episode quite some time ago and really enjoyed it. I actually have new found respect for the man because of that interview, even though I still think his movies are total abominations.

        Thanks again for the heads-up!

        • Jeffrey:

          My oh my have I been listening to the Radiodrome podcast for a long time. I remember listening to the Kaufman episode when it was new. There really is something special about the guy. Shit back then Radiodrome was a podcast by two relatively unknown hosts but he still agreed to be interviewed by them. I guess Uwe Boll is the same type of character and I can also admit feeling bad for judging him based on his films. While I can still say most of his movies are godawful I do have a new found respect for the man.

    • Cecil:

      I’m going to try to get one of these out a month, only I’ll keep it shorter with perhaps 10 questions. That should make it so I can answer each question with a little more detail but not blow out all the potential questions in one shot. Shouldn’t be too bad since it involved no writing. The most time consuming was finding the pictures to go with the audio.

      Street Trash is on the list. Been meaning to do that for a while. I still remember seeing it back in the day. If I’m not mistaken I think CM did that one already.

  • Steve:

    Great video! You really need to do more like this.

    Nice to hear someone else who actually likes Dune. It gets so much grief for being a notorious bomb, but I have liked it ever since my brother took me to see it when it first came out. It’s main problem is that it’s just too short for the story. Things move along nicely and pretty faithfully to the book until Paul meets up with the Fremen. Then it gets just really rushed and choppy. I’ve seen/have the Alan Smithee TV version and it definitely fleshes things out but parts of it almost feel like watching a work print. I really understand why David Lynch disowned it and wish he had been allowed to make a longer theatrical version (maybe 2.5 – 3 hours).

    Dune also takes grief for its fx. I’ll admit some of the opticals aren’t exactly top notch, but it has some really good and creative miniature work (and some of the best foreground miniature shots ever put on film). I also love the personal shielding effect.

    Thinking about Dune reminds me of another Dino De Laurentiis produced movie that gets a lot of grief that I actually like. The ’76 version of King Kong. I like the ’76 version of King Kong a lot and would take it any day over Peter Jackson’s bloated, overdone, pile of wasted potential.

    BTW, Dino De Laurentiis has got to be the greatest producer ever. Here’s a very small and varied sample.

    – Danger Diabolik
    – Barbarella
    – King Kong (it’s actually a very good movie)
    – King Kong Lives (it’s a terrible movie, but hilarious)
    – TRAXX (yeah……TRAXX)
    – Evil Dead 2
    – Conan The Barbarian
    – Flash Gordon
    – tons of other stuff ranging from truly awesome to awesomely bad

    • Cecil:

      Dune is still good for what it is. Yes, he should have been able to make it longer to fit in more of the story but that is an unfortunate problem with Hollywood. They always see length as an issue despite the fact that 2 of the highest grossing films of all time are over 3 hours.

  • mogens:

    Top 5 assholes 1.sam from icarly 2.all The cops from first blood 3.white goodman from The dogeball movie 4.Bill sykes from oliwer twist 5.the blockbuster buster

  • mogens:

    Dont get mad its just my openion

  • bastardjackyll:

    This was an awesome feature, and my heart skipped a beat when I found out I’m not the only one who thought TWINE was Bronsnan’s best Bond film.

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