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Maximum Risk Episode 201

9 Responses to “Maximum Risk Episode 201”

  • Stephen:

    Your review inspired me to look up the new sequels to the Universal Soldier franchise since you mentioned Regeneration being good at the end of this review. However, I noticed something perplexing and was hoping you could shed some light on it!

    I watched the trailers for Day of Reckoning and Regeneration and at first I thought there was a mistake with the links because the trailers seemed so similar and they shared a lot of the same footage. But the story lines are different. Did they recycle some of the footage for Day Of Reckoning? I watched the trailers that IMDB links to, if that helps.

    Which one do you think is the best? Day of Reckoning looks like the superior movie, but your review shows the poster for Regeneration.

    BTW, I love your reviews. You are so on point with your synopsis’s’s’s’s and I love your observations. I really enjoy how you can find the interesting aspects of films that have been largely looked over. Serious props to you. Mad kudos. Well done.

    • Cecil:

      Thanks! I’d say watch them in order. So check out Regeneration and then Day of Reckoning. Regeneration is very good but Day is awesome.

      Glad you are enjoying the videos. 🙂

  • Trevor:

    Did you know that hackmeisters Jason Friedberg And Aaron Seltzer did rewrites on the film at one point? They were later replaced by guys they claimed were “million-dollar-a-week writers” who churned out another “chop-sock sort of Van Damme movie.”

  • Viewer:

    Van Damme did really good in the 90s. Can’t remember a single film of his I hate from that era, and I love most of them. No wonder since he worked with some of the best action directors of the time and ever. Too bad he didn’t continue with his directorial work after The Quest in a more meaningful way, since that movie was actually pretty good for a first time director and totally a Van Damme movie. Huh, no I’ve got to check out City on Fire. I’d say that his downfall started with the Replicant. It was the first Van Damme movie that felt more like a cash in than a full blown tripple action A production.

    • Cecil:

      I think The Quest just didn’t do well financially and at the time action movies were on the decline. A shame, he could have gone on to be a great action director.

      I think Replicant was a case of just not enough money to make the film they wanted.

  • Timo:

    I’ve got it! Make a sequel to Jet Li’s The One, with Van Damme playing the main character!

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