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Solo – Episode 124

Two Billion Dollars down the crapper.

30 Responses to “Solo – Episode 124”

  • john:

    $2 billion is a drop in the bucket considering how much the military and intelligence community spend annually for the state of the art cyborg even before 9/11 like the $2.3 trillion. the Pentagon some how lost.

    Yes I enjoyed Solo although the story is not the most original.

    • Cecil:

      Oh seriously. 2 billion is pocket change to them.

      • john:

        $2 billion to create state of the art androids is a steal.

        Create a Angelina Jolie version like in Cyborg 2 or any other good looking female celebs and they will make it back within a day. They wouldn’t even need to fight in wars just send a bunch of AJ androids into Afghanistan and Iraq and they will trade in their wanting 72 virgins for 1 hot Jolie. 😉

        • Cecil:

          In all reality, for something that advanced 2 billion is a drop in the bucket. They’ve probably spent more than that on Asimo.

  • Horray – return of the intro and super early upload!

    Am I missing something, or is the audio off when the narration starts? It sounds like you mean to say “guns don’t kill people, [star of film] kills people” but got cut off before you finished.

    • Cecil:


      No, its actually from an old joke. “Guns don’t kill people, Mario Van Peebles”. Its a play on words.

  • Cristiona:

    Clearly, Solo is a master of GYMKATA!

    This looks pretty fun with pleny of “hey, that guy!” moments.

  • Steve:

    Robert Mason’s WEAPON is an excellent book, and this movie pretty much crapped all over it. As for there not being a Solo 2.0 in the book, that would be because it was in the sequel, which is called, shockingly, Solo. Forget the movie, read both novels.

  • mogens:

    please review satans slay

  • James:

    Movie error: Technically, it was 4 billion down the crapper. Unless they got William Sadler’s android at a buy one get one free sale when they bough Mario Van Peeble’s android.

    • Cecil:

      Kinda but not really. I didn’t elaborate but it was really the “Solo project” that cost 2 billion, they didn’t say exactly how much each unit cost. Solo 2.0 was already being worked on at the beginning of the film. (although, he most likely would have only been a revision at that early a time, so more like a Solo 1.2 instead of a straight up 2.0)

      • Cristiona:

        Nah, the guys who worked on the Solo project went on to do Firefox. There was a new Solo version every three months which was why the project went so over budget. Especially since each new Solo broke any scripts the older Solos were running.

        • Cecil:


          I updated my Solo software and now he crashes at startup. After a firmware rollback, oh shit, we lost the war.

  • mogens:

    what about tom and jerry the movie? that is defeneli a bad movie

  • bastardjackyll:

    The whole time I was watching the vid I was waiting for you to give William Sadler his props, and you said it perfectly, he is NASTY in the movie, and it’s awesome! He is so underused in movies these days it’s criminal (Hell, I even dug his evil General guy in Die Hard II).

    I always loved me some Mario Van Peebles (though I agree with you, he was totally miscast in this movie), going as far back as Sonny Spoon on NBC. Not really sure why he never made it big, he was a total pretty boy, ripped, and a fairly decent actor. But whatever, he made some really fun movies for people who like really fun movies; Posse, New Jack City, Gunmen (c’mon, Denis Leary, Patrick Stewart, AND Christopher Lambert in the same flick!?!), all of them goodbadflicks!

  • Jim:

    I remember watching Solo in the theater, and just laughing through the whole silliness of it all. I DO remember the comparisons to ID4 during the trailers. So odd! RING OF STEEL CECIL! WE NEED MORE JOE DON BAKER!

  • Viewer:

    Ah, the last attempt at classic 80’s / 90’s SF action movie. The potential was there and that’s what there is to love.

    • Cecil:

      Exactly. While it didn’t hit it on all cylinders, it at least tried. Action movies these days just don’t have the spark. While we do get some gems (Shoot em up, The Expendables, Kung Fu Hustle) we mostly get rubbish. (Max Payne, Gamer, Ghost Rider Spirit of Vengeance)

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