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Death Ship – Episode 281

3 Responses to “Death Ship – Episode 281”

  • C. S. P. Schofield:

    Dear sir,

    I greatly enjoy the videos, and your take on films generally. Our tastes don’t always agree, but your opinions are valuable to me. I would love to see you do a retrospective or several on directors or producers you admire. In particular, I’d like to see/hear your take on the remarkable career on Roger Corman.

    I would also like to see your take on the David Niven CASINO ROYAL. It is one of my favorite bad films; an absolutely incoherant mess full of great scenes and dialog. It would also be an opportunity to discuss the phenominon of James Bond spoofs, and why they tend to be bad flicks.

    Oddly, they seem to fare somewhat better on the small screen. THE AVENGERS (especially the Dianna Rigg seasons) is brilliant, as was WILD WILD WEST (awful movies, in both cases, though).

    I recognize this doesn’t have much to do with DEATH SHIP. I would have emailed you directly if I could have found a link.

  • Dolo:

    Please you do example/goodbad flick’s on soylent green

  • mogens:

    1.could you please upload more of you old reviews
    2.again why dont you like the 3 tim allens the santa claus movies and the tree stooges movie

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