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Friday the 13th 2012

As a special tribute to the Friday the 13th series, here is a short I filmed last year. I’m glad to finally be able to share this with you. Hope you enjoy.

Also, this is going in place of an episode this week. Barring any unforseen tragedies, episode 100 next week!

20 Responses to “Friday the 13th 2012”

  • Sue:

    Why didn’t you show the kills? Did something happen to the footage?

  • Cecil:

    The final kill sequence looked awful so we decided to cut them all. It ended up working out better because the it improves the pacing. I’m going to put the kills and other stuff up in a blooper/outtakes reel.

  • john:

    With all the hype you are giving the 100th episode I expect it to be in 3D or something. πŸ˜‰

    The final kill sequence looked awful so we decided to cut them all. It ended up working out better because the it improves the pacing.

    You can’t compete with the experts when it comes to gorey scenes. πŸ˜‰

    I honestly don’t know why people hate Uwe Boll and Bloodrayne as the action scenes with the over the top gore are hilarious, story is pretty good. Overall an entertaining film.

    • Cecil:

      LOL well no, I could never compete with the grandness of Mr Boll’s work.

      We did an ok job. I have some experience with mild prosthetics but nothing like what the pros use. (but, granted, at a fraction of the cost too) I know how to make good on camera blood without the usual Kayro/red dye combo. A big problem was we couldn’t really mess up the location and on the one really bloody sequence the prop misfired and made a huge mess. It was very late and we didn’t have time for a reshoot. Oh well, the trials and tribulations of zero budget cinema.

      My problem with Boll is he messed up video game movies. If he was just a terrible director making these bad films I would be fine but he bought all these video game movie rights and made terrible movies to capitalize on the german tax loophole. These movies all bombed and the real producers (who must be complete idiots) were afraid to invest in a video game movie because all of these were tanking so hard. They didn’t realize they were doing so bad because they were complete and total shit.

      • john:

        After the first 3 films House of the Dead, Alone in the Dark and Bloodrayne his films were not just bad but boring.

        With all the hype he was giving Postal I had hopes that it would actually be pretty good but turned out to be one of his worst films with one bad joke after another.

        I’ve only seen two of his films that are not videogame adaptations Rampage (good) and The Final Storm (bad) so I can’t really tell if he is a bad director or it is just because he does video game films.

        • Cecil:

          That is a clincher. I’ve seen movies that had a fraction of the budget but still managed to be entertaining. I wouldn’t care if the effects were bad, story was bad, etc, but don’t make the thing boring! Birdemic was awful but normal comparisons but it was one of the funniest movies I’ve ever seen. It was never boring. Boll seems to have no understanding of how to make a movie work for audiences.

  • Big Ninja Jim:

    Great video. Just a couple thoughts. One the casting is AMAZING along with the costuming. Overall if you never get a chance to become the next Tarantino it’ll be a great disservice to the movie community.

    • Cecil:

      Thanks Jim. The girls are friends of mine and total troopers. If you liked the costuming in this, wait until the next one. πŸ™‚

      LOL, while I appreciate the comment I am nowhere near the writing level skill of Tarantino. I personally (allow me to toot my own horn for a moment) think I have a good eye for camera angles and I consider myself to be rather witty. A nice combination for a good horror director like Fred Dekker or old school Sam Raimi.

  • Cristiona:

    “Girl Wrangler” Heh. Yeah, gotta keep a tight leash on those… er… wait… that came out wrong.

    Nice short, Cecil! I liked the camera work and the humor. Poor Jason, just can’t catch a break.

    • Cecil:

      Heheh, there was a running joke on set that the girls were going to be all over the place and would need someone to keep them in line. (hence the need for a girl wrangler) Although in reality the girls were champs and didn’t once complain or not do something that was asked. I’ve worked with actresses that were more of a pain then they were.

      Glad you liked it. I always thought Jason just needed to get out of his mother’s shadow and maybe he could live a happy un-life.

  • Stampy:

    A nice short tribute, well done.

    I was mad scientist in a friends short horror film, got to shoot in a actual haunted morgue and i built minature anatartic base for another short of his, but the shots got cut, but hey i still got paid $100. Dont be afraid to push the limit, especially in the horror genre. I suggest Luc Besson’s Le Dernier Combat for some film making inspiration.(not horror but one of the great Post Apoc films)

    • Cecil:

      Thank you!

      I’d like to do more but often it is finding a time that works for everyone. It is tough to get a bunch of people together for 12+ hours of nonstop shooting for essentially no pay. One day though, I’ll be able to make my own full feature. One day…

  • bastardjackyll:

    Fun stuff man, nice moves on the babelet in orange.

  • Chris:

    Are you going to do a “Freddy vs Jason” episode around Halloween?

    • Cecil:

      I’d like to but getting believable Freddy makeup is much harder than doing Jason.

      Unless you are talking about doing an episode on the movie. I’d like to do one eventually but I have something else in store for this Halloween.

  • Don Chubo:


  • Hi Cecil!

    This was a great film, very funny!!! Whose house is that?

    I love the end when he is on Facebook and gets ragged on by the other film killers.

    Looking forward to Episode 100!!!

    • Cecil:


      The house was my camera man’s house. We went with it because it looks like it is in the middle of the woods. Even with camera tricks it is hard to make my house look secluded. We did shot another short in my place but I have no idea when that will be finished.

      Glad you liked the FB bit, I was hoping it would go over well.

      Only a few days until 100! πŸ™‚

  • James:

    Nicely done. Poor Jason. He gets no respect. He didn’t even get to begin his franchise. His mother did it for him. Then, an ambulance driver comes in after he’s dead and racks of a higher body count for a single movie than he had in 2, 3, or 4. To add injury to insult, his story line in part 9 is reduced to a knock-off of The Hidden.

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