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Demolition Man Episode 227

7 Responses to “Demolition Man Episode 227”

  • mogens:

    thats was so mutch better than the nostalgia critics review

  • Rob:

    That dubbing for th Pizza Hut was awkward and seems to have been completely pointless. I’ve watched this film multiple times in the Uk on both VHS and DVD, (and probably on TV as well) every time I’ve seen it its been Taco Bell. I’ve never seen the film with these altered scenes in them.

  • The Viewer:

    GREAT review. And you should review The Cliffhanger too, even if just as your normal review. I feel that that movie is now pretty much all but forgotten and it’s a genre staple at least when it comes to Stallone’s work.

    Sting did a good job with the Demolition Man theme song, but I hate his rendition of the song. The lyrics and the pacing of the song just don’t jam well together at all. It feels like he’s running a marathon, not singing a song. Grace’s version is pretty much spoken word, not a “real” song. In my opinion, Manfred Mann’s Earth Band nailed it with their rendition and that’s the one no one remembers, unfortunately. It came out in 1982 and fits the lyrics perfectly!
    Here’s their version of the song:
    This is seriously one of my favorite song covers ever. It even reminds me a bit of Carpenter’s Coup de Villes, but edgier. Too bad they didn’t include this version as bonus material on the DVD.

    And yeah, this movie is one case where trimming it down worked. I’m so glad they cut out the murder of Zachary. I loved his character. That would’ve been a real bummer. However, the fight between Ventura (who is virtually unrecognizable here) and Stallone? WHY CUT THAT???

    Bullock works great his as Stallone’s counterpart. Petty is great, but she’s way too edgy to play a total square. It sucks that Bullock didn’t do more action movies. Speed made her a household name after all. And Net is batshit, but great.

    And you made a very good point about the schizophrenic way the public feels about actors.

    • Cecil:

      Cliffhanger will most likely happen someday.

      I think they cut the Stallone/Ventura fight for time. A shame, they should have put it on the DVD/Blu! People would love to see that!

      Thanks! I think the box office and rotten tomatoes scores does far to much to sway public opinion.

  • The Viewer:

    Forgot to add… It’s hard to say what’s more dumbfounding. The fact that director Brambilla didn’t direct again for half a freaking decade or the fact that his next movie, Excess Baggage was as forgettable as they come.

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