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Netflix Instant Recommendations Jan 23 2015

20 Responses to “Netflix Instant Recommendations Jan 23 2015”

  • Sour Crowd:

    ?!? Why does it play the Escape from LA episode?!?

  • mogens:

    I Will never forgive The blockbuster buster for trying to bust batman the movie 1967 in his review thank god linkara stoppet him

  • Roy:

    I thought Mad Max started the fascination with things Australian. I hope, Cecil, you plan to do a retrospective doc on the Mad Max films, since the reboot’s on the way.

    • Cecil:

      Not quite as much as Crocodile Dundee. There was a whole “shrimp on the barbee” and sudden love of Fosters beer. It was one of those huge moments in time where the US was having one of many cultural phenomenons.

      I’m looking into something with Mad Max, I’m trying to get the timing down.

  • mogens:

    Other movies he busted:The 2 smurt movie Cars 2 The 4 indiana Jones movie blade trinity robots Home in The range

  • mogens:

    I mean The 2 smurf movies

  • Melissa:

    Didn’t you do a review of ‘Deep Star Six’ way back when? Also, I’ve seen the ‘The Pact’ and i hosnetly didn’t find it that good, but I’m tempted to give it a re-watch now.

    I know this is unrelated but i’d really love to hear what you have on the fact that Obscurus Lupa was fired from Channel Awesome. i personally felt it was unprofessional and that the reasons were petty.

    • demonknight:

      Why was she fired? I didn’t hear of this.

      • Cecil:

        Yeah, read the tumblr and my previous response to Melissa. (which I just posted) Essentially, she was fired over petty nonsense.

    • Cecil:

      Wayyyyyy back. There are a few bits from my Deep Star Six video I like but as with many of my old videos, they make me cringe.

      The Pact didn’t grab me initially but as I watched it I got more into it. Give it another shot, I think its worth it.

      I chatted with Allison briefly after the whole event. I think it’s shitty what they did to her. She has adhered to all their asinine rules (such as how you can only mention your patreon for x seconds on a video) and has been making content for them to push for free. Then they dropped her from the site without even really making much of an effort to discuss things. I think even the most hardcore fans of the site saw how shitty that was.

      The whole content creation thing on there is mutually beneficial. She makes videos for free, they push them on the site and get traffic, and she gets the benefit of having more people seeing her vids because of the site’s popularity. However, now that she has her own audience that push isn’t as important as it was. Her stuff is up on Phelous’ site and most of her hardcore fans have been going there to watch vs going to tgwtg.

      Since she was so unceremoniously booted and the truth was revealed that the site is being run poorly, she’s received a nice bump in her Patreon from her supporters.

      I think it is really weak that tgwtg would have a monstrously successful indiegogo (that ended a year and a half ago and I don’t think there has been anything to show for it) but to tell their content makers they couldn’t promote their Patreons because it was “e-begging”. Then to turn around and start pushing other publishers Patreons without telling anyone? It just stunk of the poor communication that seemed to be the norm.

      Allison (I believe she is dropping the Lupa name) is now doing a new show Movie Nights and has upped her production. I modified the link over on the link section of my site to hopefully help send even a little traffic her way.

      I wish her all the best and am forever thankful that she was cool enough to help me out when I was still relatively unknown. (I’m still small potatoes but I’m getting there!) I think she will do just fine, if not better now that she is on her own.

  • Melissa:

    This tumblr post of her’s explains it all.

    Luckily, she is still continuing her show under the new name ‘Movie Nights’. Though this honestly make me want to punch Mike Michaud in the face.

  • mogens: review of The fly 2 was way better than James rolfe he just Call it mediorge you miss jewwario?

    • Cecil:

      1 – Thank you mogens
      2 – Nothing against the guy, I never watched anything he made and didn’t hear about him until after his death. A shame.

  • Your website has a BRILLIANT concept. I’m a huge fan of movies that are awful in the right ways and to the right degrees to be hilarious — and of shows such as Mystery Science Theater 3000, RiffTrax, and Cinematic Titanic that provide make a good time out of bad movies.

    I was excited to see that you have regular Netflix recommendations. “Finally,” thought I, “I don’t have to scroll through 100 films to find the film that’s so bad it’s good.”

    Alas, I’m seeing films that I’d say are Just Plain Good — movies such as ‘Cabin in the Woods’ and the original Japanese version of ‘The Grudge’ that received a lot of positive write-ups from critics — tossed in with movies that are both dismissed by critics and generally judged boring by viewers.

    I wonder whether your site might be more aptly titled something along the lines of “Overly Overlooked Cinema” (can’t use that one, alas — I’ve got the name under copyright, though I welcome all to the concept, which hundreds of bloggers couldn’t begin to cover) or “Cheesy but Worthy” (though that doesn’t cover deeply spooky Japanese films, it would be one that I’d probably be glued to for latest recommendations).

    Best wishes, and keep blogging!

    • Cecil:

      The show has kind of grown in scope over the years. Originally, I just was making videos about “bad” movies for friends. After a while when I saw other people were watching, I got a little more serious.

      Initially it was about “good movies with bad reputations” as well as “good/bad” movies. So while the name is Good Bad Flicks, I like to consider that it covers both good and bad movies.

      Over the years I have added stuff like the Netflix videos, Good Bad Games, Exploring (serious looks at certain films, Vs, and so on. I have a variety that people love that goes beyond just films like The Room. Actually, if I stuck with just bad movies, I probably wouldn’t get nearly the traffic.

      So while it may not all be what you are looking for, there still is a plethora of stuff here that falls in line with what you wanted. You should check out the other material as well, you might end up liking that too!


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