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This Sunday


Well now that I’ve seen all the movies on my 2012 list I’m able to compile my favorites of last year. Tune in Sunday to find out what they are!

House of the Dead 2 – Episode 121


Lots of video game references this time around.

Plus and Minus


Here is the hint for this week’s movie. It’s so much better than what that other guy did.

Children of the Corn 2 The Final Sacrifice – Episode 120

Reviewing most vigorously.

Silent Hill Revelation


Just got my copy of the Bluray. Figured I would take this opportunity to show off my Seal of Metatron before I put it back in it’s case. This is a replica of the one from the games. The one in the movie has more of a golden hue to it.

The movie is good and if you liked the first, it’s worth a look. I saw it in the theater and enjoyed it. Nowhere near as deep as the original. They definitely tried to make it a little more mainstream but still succeeded in keeping enough material for the hardcore fans.

The 3D wasn’t intrusive at all. I actually forgot it was a 3D movie until one particular scene towards the end.

The Bluray picture looks great but sadly, the features are lacking. A 3 minute behind the scenes and that’s it. Depressing, I was hoping for a commentary at the very least. Such a shame when the studio puts zero effort into a release like this. Some added features would do wonders for people on the fence deciding whether to rent or buy.

It’s an entertaining movie but not the multiple viewing head trip of the original. I liked it but I hope they give the series back to Christophe Gans if they are able to make a third.