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Arena – Episode 12

7 Responses to “Arena – Episode 12”

  • mobius322:

    I want to see this movie so bad! Was it ever released on DVD in some form? I wasn’t able to find one, just VHS. I’m starting to be shocked by how many (what I thought were well known) B movies from the late 80s through mid 90s that never got on DVD.

    • Cecil:

      It is coming to DVD in July as part of a 4 pack with America 3000, Eliminators and the Time Guardians. While I would like it to be on its own disc with features, I guess it is better than nothing.

      So many movies from the VHS days have yet to make it to DVD. Although, thanks to companies like Shout Factory, they are filling that list.

      • mobius322:

        Thanks for the info, totally gonna get that DVD pack! I’ll have to check ShoutFactory’s site to see what else is coming up 🙂

        You’re right though… so many (especially 80s vhs post apocalyptic) movies either never made it to DVD or only in Europe (“She” with Sandahl Bergman for example only has some crap DVD release in Italy).

        • Cecil:

          No problem, Shout has some awesome stuff. They have so many blurays coming out in the next few months. (Lifeforce, Ninja 3, The Town that Dreaded Sundown, The Incredible Melting Man, The Fog)

          America 3000 is on that 4 pack, I highly recommend for some good Post Apocalyptic fun. I hope its in widescreen.

          She is one of the best WTF movies. I keep holding out for a decent DVD. I have the import but it deserves better.

  • MVandi:

    hahahaha I really like the name Diesel Megaton. Inspired by the Space Mutiny episode of MST3K much? 🙂 I have a VHS recording of this film, I used to watch it quite a bit, though it’s been a while now. If it really is on DVD from Shout! I will pick it up.

    • Cecil:

      You got me. 🙂

      Shout is putting it on DVD as a 4 pack in July. Instabuy, I just hope the movies are in widescreen.

  • mogens:

    the names in this movie are canda silly

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