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Death Machine Episode 186

8 Responses to “Death Machine Episode 186”

  • Jeffrey:

    I checked this one out one weekend when I was desperate for a great b movie and was thrilled when Dourif came on screen. He’s a really intense actor and I think that’s why he’s always playing lunatics. Hell one of his first roles was in “One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest”. As good as he is I’m surprised that outside of the “Child’s Play” movies I’ve never seen him in a leading role. His work as Chucky makes me wonder why he hasn’t done more voice over work too.

    Death Machine however good it is seems to lapse into some pretty ridiculous slapstick at times. While its still a good movie I think the off-beat humor does invalidate it a bit.

  • The Viewer:

    One of the greatest tragedies of modern Hollywood is Norington’s quitting the business. He was one of the most talented Sci-Fi action directors of the 90s (too bad he never got to do an Alien or a Predator movie) and who knows, maybe he’d today be more influential than Zack Snyder. 🙂
    Isn’t there a jump scare at the end?

    • Cecil:

      Norrington got hosed with TLoEG. I’d like to know what really went on with that one.

      There was a jump scare but it was at least a genuine built up one. (they wait for it and BOO!)

  • The Viewer:

    Also, you totally need to do Gunhed / Ganheddo (1989), when you get to your next cyberpunk action review. 🙂 Sorry for double posting.

  • Ray:

    I love this movie. Back in October I put out 31 horror movie reviews and this was by far my favorite. It is just insane fun.

  • mogens:

    1:50 is that brian blessed?
    2:38 mumra the ever living and also THUNDRCATS HOO

  • mogens:

    better review than brandon tenold

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