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House of the Dead 2 – Episode 121


Lots of video game references this time around.

22 Responses to “House of the Dead 2 – Episode 121”

  • Cristiona:

    I dunno. Part of me wishes this movie had the same level of acting as the game… “Suffer like… G… you WILL!”

    While there seems to be a lot of facials… er… with blood… at least these people aren’t morons. So many zombie movies only carry on because the soldiers are afraid to kill infected people.

    Thanks for pointing this one out. I may be a wimp, but this looks like just the right balance between “ew” and ridiculous schlock.

    • Cecil:

      As I read this I hear it in that thing’s voice. LOL

      The movie is gory but its done in a silly way. While there are serious moments, over all it is done to be fun/funny. I like that they took the fight to the zombies instead of the usual hide and try to survive. One of the reasons why it is stands out.

  • john:

    Emmanuelle Vaugier + Uwe Boll = Far Cry

    I just remembered she was in that film.

    Good graphics at the start it was like a XBOX Live or PSN indie zombie game.

    • Cecil:

      Oh wow, I started to watch Far Cry but gave up. I just wasn’t in the mood for that level of crap that night.

      I’ll go back and watch the rest at some point because I am a glutton for punishment I guess.

      • john:

        Except Rampage (that I liked) and Final Storm (that I didn’t) I haven’t actually watched any of Uwe Bolls non-video game films so I don’t know what quality they are like.

        I guess I just like films no one else really like Kurt Angles 2009 movie End Game.

        Far Cry was a crappy dull action film that I think it turns out they are making super soldiers or something I can’t really remember.

        Haven’t watched Juno but didn’t that get a lot of praise from critics?

        Melancholia the Lars von Trier movie got high praise from critics which I just thought was rather slow and boring apart from the world being destroyed when another planet hits it at the start of the film and you got to see Kristen Dunst’s breasts that lasts over 2 hours.

        Off topic but what do you think of Megan Fox being cast to play April O’Neil in the new Ninja Turtles movie?

        Can’t really think of anyone else specifically in mind better suited to play her that looks like April O’Neil.

        • Cecil:

          I keep hearing Rampage is good, I’ve only seen a few minutes.

          Didn’t know about End Game. I’ll check it out. I know a lot of people complained about Bounty Hunters with Trish Stratus but I thought that was entertaining.

          Juno was praised by critics but was infuriating to me. The lead character was insufferable, the whole thing was oozing with smug. It was like the hipster handbook for douche filmmaking.

          Been meaning to see Melancholia. I did see the stills of Kirsten Dunst though. Wish she did that back in the Spider-man days. She was a little haggard looking now.

          I’m cool with Megan Fox as April. I like her. She’s pretty and while not the best actress, she is far from the worst. I’d take her over Jennifer Lopez any day. I do think they are better off going for a no name as April but we’ll have to wait and see.

          Maybe Emma Stone as April? She may not want to get typecast in comic book movies though.

          • john:

            Probably won’t like End Game but for the budget and the fact it had Kurt Angle in it I thought it was OK. Kurt Angle was pretty good as the serial killer.

  • mogens:

    2.i hate sayjing this but i kinda like the salish chraktor from the first movie
    3. i think the makeup action scenes and music from the first was coll(AGAIN DONT JUDME MEE)

    • john:

      I don’t know why people don’t recognise that House of the Dead to a degree and Bloodrayne as good bad films.

      I watched them like most films simply because they had bad reputation and was laughing at how over the top and good/bad the action scenes were in Bloodrayne with monks being chopped in half with a sword, sword through the face and one doing martial arts and various decapitations and severed limbs with blood that spouts out like from a firehouse when struck with a sword or Raynes blades as shown in the blood montage at the end of the film that were all practical effects no CGI. 🙂 

      Then there is the acting with Loken and Meatloaf putting their effort in and Madsen and Kingsley who looked like they didn’t like or give a shit about the film.

      • Cecil:

        I met Kristanna Loken a few years back and I have to say she looks pretty on film but she is gorgeous in person. Seriously, I was stunned. She is also incredibly tall. She had heels on and towered over most everyone.

    • Cecil:

      No judgement here. Everyone has different tastes and no one is really wrong about what they like.

      Unless they like Juno. Then they are wrong.

  • mogens:

    1.plan 9 from out of space
    2.the 3 rosh hour films
    3.the die hard films
    4.satans slay
    5.the grinch both version
    6.the iron giant
    7.the 3 toy story films
    8.the ernest films
    9.the 2 nith on the museum films

    • john:

      Those films are to well known I prefer it when he does less well known films or big budget films that get bad reviews or reception like The Happening.

      It would be good if he did Santa Slays but he will probably wait untill December to do that film.

    • Cecil:

      1 – Perhaps someday
      2 – Hated Rush Hour 1 and 3. Enjoyed 2. Love Jackie Chan, hate Chris Tucker. If I do anything with Jackie Chan, it will probably be his older stuff.
      3 – Too popular
      4 – Check back around Christmas
      5 – The first is a classic, the live action is horrible
      6 – I like it but nothing I could add
      7 – Way too big
      8 – I’ll probably do all of them at some point. Especially Scared Stupid
      9 – I don’t like either of them.

  • WingedSerpent:

    My problem with the Uwe Boll’s Bloodrayne series is that they show that a decent Bloodrayne movie could have been made-but it wasn’t. I’ve said before I wish I could blend the three films together. Take the budget, star power, and the look of Kristana Lokein (which I thought really looked like Rayne) and add it to the WW II setting, original villain, and the acting of Natassia Malthe (who did a much better job at portraying Rayne’s personality and attitude ) and you could have had a Bloodrayne movie that really worked. (Oh, and I think the second one had some of the better side characters and better climax-just for completion.)

    I haven’t seen Blubberella, but from what I’ve heard it can be pretty mean-spirited and lazy. But it COULD have worked. A movie that’s an anachronism filled parody send up of more traditional female oriented action films with the lead not being a wafer thin ex–model. That is not an inherently bad idea and might have been goofy fun . It COULD have worked.

    • Cecil:

      Bloodrayne probably makes me the most angry because of all the game series he bought the rights to, that one had potential to be a great movie. House of the Dead could have been any zombie movie, Dungeon Siege was any fantasy movie, but Bloodrayne could have been awesome. He had the budget, he had the actors…the only thing missing was talent.

      Blubberella should have been a sure fire hit. How do you take something as silly/stupid as this premise and make it unwatchable? It should have been hilarious. If ever I had the money I would love to give another director the exact same budget and actors as one of Boll’s films and let them do it. I’d be shocked if they didn’t make a movie that was better.

      • john:

        I really don’t think they could have made Blubberella good as they are doing a bad spoof of a bad movie where the central joke is that the women is fat.

        It might have worked if it was something like Rubber you had an audience of Bolls critics watching the film as he is shooting Blood Rayne the Third Reich behind him and you hear them talk and arguing with Boll and point out to him what it wrong with each scene and story element and they direct and reshoot it.

        Wouldn’t really be funny but it would be an interesting concept unless the audience/critics argue amongst each other and reshoot to make the scenes different and over the top like when Homer Simpson helped reshoot the ending for Mel Gibsons remake of Mr Smith Goes to Washington in Beyond Blunderdome.

        Not really a big deal but I don’t know why video game movies now don’t include Easter eggs in there films that Phantom Menace and the other Star Wars prequels is the only one to really do it like the ET’s in the alien assembly.

  • mogens:

    at least think about it you review really bad movies that peoble just hate

  • mogens:

    i have the super mario brosd the movie onn vhs an sti class also i wathes it an it was funny and action packet

  • mogens:

    will you review indiana jones?

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