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Netflix Instant Recommendations Jan 31 2014

I’m always being asked for movie recommendations, so I’m going to start getting these out weekly.

These are movies I enjoyed that are available on Netflix Instant at the time when I recorded the video.

16 Responses to “Netflix Instant Recommendations Jan 31 2014”

  • Cristiona:

    Oh, man I love, love, love the 9th Gate. It’s a truly fantastic film, well worth seeing. Even if I feel a little unclean every time I see Polanski’s name in the credits.

    • Cecil:

      For stuff like that (Polanski) I think of the hundreds of people who worked on the film. No sense in letting all their hard work become ignored because the director is a scumbag. Although right now I am having major problems with lostprophets. I really enjoy their tunes but it is tough to listen to them after what the singer did.

      • Cristiona:

        That’s a fair way to look at it. And, well, I already have the DVD, so it’s not like I’m giving him money every time I pop it in. And Depp is sooooooo good in it.

        And, um, yikes. I did a quick search on lostprophets and… yeah. I can see how that’d put a damper on enjoying their music. What the fuck, dude? Seriously, what the flaming fuck?

        • Cecil:

          I still like Depp but I miss the days when he would do more movies like this and little experiments like Nick of Time. Now it seems primarily he does Tim Burton remakes or Pirates movies.

          Yeah, the lostprophets thing is so messed up. If it was maybe an ex-member or even like the bass player or something it would be easy to let go. However, it is the singer/founding member of the band. It’s hard to disassociate what he did with the music. How many metric tons of drugs does one have to be on to repeatedly attempt what he did?!

  • demonknight:

    Polanski’s name is why Ninth Gate is often overlooked. I have not yet seen any of his films because of his actions, although I will get around to seeing Chinatown and Rosemary’s Baby eventually. Maybe that too…

  • mogens:

    i still mise fox kids jjetix and toon disney
    p.s a am not asjame too admit i wathes barbie the nutcraker and teletubies as a kid

  • Eric S:

    Ninth Gate is so awesome. I accidentally received the ‘Ninth Configuration’ in ‘Ninth Gate’ sleeve from Netflix back when I got DVD’s in the mail. Happy accident, that film is also amazing and underrated. Iron Sky is just ridiculous!!

  • mogens:

    and the reason for my mispeling is i am acsely danish but sinse you guys talks in english a have too write in enlish and some times its really hard

  • TenDropChris:

    Haywire. Boy, I’ve been waiting for a chance to talk about Haywire.

    You ever have one of those movies that you “know” is good so its surprising that you didn’t enjoy it more. For me, that was Haywire. When I saw it in the theater, my mind was telling me that the movie was good. Great cast, filmed so you could actually follow the action, and I really loved that we had an action heroine that really looked like she could kick butt instead of the rail thin ex-model heroines who owed more of their fighting skill to the special effects department then actual skill. (I’m looking at you RE movies) . But when it was over, I just found myself asking why I didn’t like it more. It’s strangely frustrating in that way.

    Carano did ok in her first real acting job. Her inexperience did show at times, but she did as well if not better then some other sports figures trying to launch acting careers. I think prior to this her only real acting credits were two non-speaking quick cameos. One in Blood and Bone, and the second as Natasha in Command and Conquer:: Red Alert 3. Funny I hear she’s only in one quick cut scene despite her character is the face of the game.

    The one big major flaw I can think of is that Haywire reaches its action climax a bit too early in the second act and never really regains it in the third. The final fight is fairly one sided in her favor, and Ewen MaGregor would have needed his lightsaber and the force to really stand a chance against her. (Even then, victory would not have been certain.)

    Still, I wish it had done better, and I hope Gina Carano still has a future in action movies. Given the chance to improve her acting somewhat., I think she could be a great new action star. (Yeah, I’m in the camp that would have liked her to be Wonder Woman.)

    • Cecil:

      I think the studio just had no idea what to do with the film so they dumped it on video. I think Carano did a good job her first time out and was better than most of the big name actresses that have been doing this for years. (Jennifer Lopez is horrible in most everything but she is at her worst when she tries action)

      Overall, I think it was just pushed aside like many films that don’t get gigantic marketing budgets these days. I feel it will be rediscovered sometime down the line and may become a cult classic.

  • jack:

    Does Netflixs get the latest straight to DVD releases like Welcome 2 the Jungle?

    I liked Iron Sky but the only problem I had with the film is the decision to make the moon Nazis a backwords Soviet style industrialised society instead of them being advanced and giving them crazy over the top space ships and tech.

    • Cecil:

      They often do but usually it is a few weeks after they are released. (giving DVD and digital sales first dibs) Lots of movies like +1, Maniac, and Europa Report end up on instant pretty quickly.

  • ThatIsAnAndroid:

    Damn I need to check out Haywire I remember seeing Gina Carano for the first time in Fast and Furious 6 and thinking she was surprising really good.

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