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Omega Cop – Episode 86

Wraith, it’s not over yet.

10 Responses to “Omega Cop – Episode 86”

  • Cristiona:

    “Death Machines” is an awesome title. I can only assume that it’s a terrible movie.

    Those women are surprisingly attractive and non-emaciated for living as slaves in a post-apocalyptic hell hole.

    • Cecil:

      I saw Death Machines so long ago I remember it being good but I need to revisit it to be sure. I do remember it being awesome for the three death machines: White Death Machine, Black Death Machine, and Asian Death Machine. That right there should tell you the level of writing in the movie.

      Not only are the girls in shape but in a place with very little food they seem to have located all the remaining make-up.

      • Allison:

        The girls kept Cover Girl in the black during filming!

        I like Travis’ running shots. Even funnier were the many shots of his crotch. What is it about these movies and crotch shots? Even I, a female who loves stuff like that, thinks some of these bad movies display way too much crotch action. Even funnier than this was Adam West’s “drunken” narration…I seriously can’t think of Adam West voiceovers without laughing. Too much Family Guy, I guess.

        Great review, Cecil!

        • Cecil:

          I didn’t even include all the shots of Travis running. Seriously, I think it was about 10 minutes of just him running. I figured what I had in there was more than enough to get the point across lol.

          Crotch shots and bone snapping…two cornerstones of action movies!

          I had to do my best to not refer to him as Mayor West, which wasn’t easy. I saw him at Comic Con a few years back and he was a very odd person. It made me wonder if he really was that weird or if he was playing it up to be like the character.


  • Big Ninja Jim:

    Considering the large amount of nut shot scenes I’m surprised this movie didn’t star Steven Segal.

  • bastardjackyll:

    Nice Callista Flockheart “cameo”, and I had to stop the video at “Def Leppard” from laughing so hard. Definitely one your funnier reviews.

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