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Nah, Firestart’s Not Happening For Now


Initially I was excited this morning, which is why I made the post about putting up the Let’s Play tonight. Then I went back and listened to the audio again…and quite frankly, it sucks.

I thought I could fix it in editing but then I realized I was putting time into this that could be better spent making an actual quality episode. Seriously, this was not up to my standards and I would be embarrassed to put my name on it. My editing it went against the whole reasoning behind doing a Let’s Play series anyway. These were supposed to be something I could get out quickly.

So rather than put out an inferior product, even one that I was going to put up as a test, I’d rather shelve it for now.

It looks like I’ll be doing Disaster Report for Good Bad Games in March and Project Firestart for GBG in April. I think it is the wisest choice. Sorry for anyone who may have had their hopes up but doing Let’s Plays just don’t seem to be my thing.

5 Responses to “Nah, Firestart’s Not Happening For Now”

  • Jr.:

    I was never one for Let’s Plays anyways. Id rather have walkthroughs with no commentaries and let the game speak for itself.

    • Cecil:

      Me neither. If anything, I would usually watch a walkthough for a minute to see how a particular game looked in action.

      However, I can’t deny the popularity of that type of content. (the market for it is HUGE) I thought it there was a way to do something like that quickly, I could capitalize on the market and get some of the viewers over onto look at my other works.

      Unfortunately, to me, doing so meant sacrificing quality which I will not do. The audio for the video was so-so (since I was recording with my headset and not in my studio) and the content was sub-par since I was trying to do stuff on the fly.

      I was trying to edit it together to salvage the material but as I did this I realized the time would be better spent giving it the full episode treatment. So, I’m taking some of the material that was good (I did have a few gems) and will work it into a full episode for Project Firestart, which I will have for next month.

  • jack:

    I wasn’t really bothered about a Lets Play anyway that when I look at game on YouTube I watch the cutscenes that are usually edited into a single movies like MGS4 that I didn’t have a PS3 but wanted to see how the series ended.

    I have only watched one unedited Lets Plays in its entirety before and that was Heavy Rain.

    Will you be doing anymore written movie reviews on cinema releases any time soon?

    I was hoping you would review the new Robocop movie but you said in the Robocop retrospective you refuse to pay money to see it in the cinema.

    I was actually optimistic about the remake that I was hoping it was going to be Robocop set in a MGS4 type future but no that just turned out to be really disappointing and a sub-par action flick.

  • Marco:

    Sad to hear it didn’t work. Let’s plays are tricky. It’s mostly a lot of “hey what’s that” instead of pognant contend. It’s great when you discover a new game, but forced when you try a good bad old one.

    Still, I love to see more of good bad games. Maybe even good good (fogotten games) like Earthsige I / II and Red Baron. Red Baron for example with it’s Career Modus during which you played through the WW1 (both sides) is still a game I love to play. You could paint your plane, you could choose the missions, you could choose duels, you could meet Aces during missions. You got promotions and medals, you could die, be wounded, be a prisoner of war and choose you stations on the war map. Why the hell don’t they do games like that anymore.

    • Cecil:

      I gave it a shot but it didn’t work out. Not saying I’ll never try again but I just felt like it was being forced and not natural.

      I agree, they just don’t make games like that anymore.

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