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Netflix Instant Recommendations May 9 2014

4 Responses to “Netflix Instant Recommendations May 9 2014”

  • MH:

    Wow. “Skyfall” + Good Bad Flicks = something I did not expect.
    I just happened to check to see if there was a new video up and behold! I am glad I did.
    I am also glad the Netflix recommendations are weekly, but I do wish they were longer.
    Side note: Sad about “Community”. I hope Netflix, or some other place, finishes it out and ties up the dangling story lines.

    • Cecil:

      Overall, I like the Bond movies. I enjoy the older cheesy ones and dig the new “serious” ones…except for Quantum, that was awful.

      Yeah bummer about Community but at least it held out for longer than they thought. That show was on the chopping block for years.

  • Greg:

    Great choices as usual. Most of which I have already seen. I have a couple choices that may interest you when you get a chance. The first is Iron Sky. Netflix has both the original and a director’s cut (I watched this version). It’s about an African American astronaut that lands on the moon in the future to discover Nazi’s had landed there after WWII. I think that says enough about it’s craziness. The other title is Odd Thomas. I just really can’t describe it. If you get to either of these, hope you enjoy.

    • Cecil:

      I know I mentioned Iron Sky before on some video. Hilarious satire. I saw the original cut but now I need to watch the director’s.

      Watched Odd Thomas the other night. Awesome, just awesome. Why the hell didn’t this make it to theaters. A damn shame and Mr Koontz gets screwed yet again.

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