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Oh Halley!

You have to know what this is going to be.

11 Responses to “Oh Halley!”

  • Night of the Comet?

    Nah, too mainstream. Its probably some movie about extinction caused by comets that would only be seen on MST3K.

    • Cecil:

      You are correct! It’s was kind of mainstream but most people today have either forgotten about it or never heard of it to begin with. It’s also on the list of movies being remade that don’t need to be.

      • john:

        Never heard of it although there are some other seemingly well known films from the 80’s that I have never heard of like Heathers (1988). At least well known enough of talk of it being made into a TV series.

        There was a Simpsons Halloween special episode where a comet hits and turns the remaining survivors into zombies. I didn’t know it was partially based on this movie from the 80’s.

      • Wow…I was right? I’ve never seen this movie, but it was in a book about 1980s teen movies, and yes, it is pretty well known. I think its on Netflix, and I have been saying for a while that I should see it, but I haven’t yet. Maybe after seeing your review, I will have to. Looking forward to it!

  • Steve:

    Has to be ‘Lifeforce’.

  • andrew:

    and that the dvd was given no features

  • I couldn’t remember if “Night of the Comet” specifically mentioned if it was Halley’s Comet or not, while I remember that “Lifeforce” had a whole opening monologue about it, so that was going to be my original guess.

  • Sue:

    Can’t wait! I love Night of the Comet – it has just the right amount of cheesiness!

  • Matty:

    “Attention Shoppers!”

  • Ben H:

    My god, you’ve never done Night of the Comet? Also, where’s ma Xtro episode? Ya said you’d do it a few months ago when you were taking suggestions.

    It isn’t even that great. But waaaaaaay too weird to pass up.

  • R u going to do Halloween III this year?

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