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Radiodrome Episode 154 – Cliches


Sick of cliches, Josh, and Alex hunt for the killer after being kicked off the case and with Cecil being killed only 3 days to retirement.

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  • demonknight:

    The description’s all wrong. Brad was killed one day to episode 150, and rookie cop Cecil is brought on to the case in order to help Old Man Hadley bring the mysterious killer, the Marque de Suede to justice.

  • Marco:

    I agree with your M. Night Shyamalan statement. I think he became persona non grata because of the hype surrounding his first movies. People knew he was the director with the twist, so they kept looking for it –> his movies became all about the twist. And Avatar didn’t help. It’s fun to hate bad movies(-directors), but this somehow feels wrong. I’m very curious to learn how much influence he had on the set of After Earth.

    I still can’t understand the hate for Scream. I know you (move nerds ;P) knew other films who did this. But Scream was a much needed infusion to the slasher genre from a more layman point of view. It wasn’t more of the same. It was something new. I think the hate is the result of too much “Scream” in too many movies which followed. If it wasn’t so well known, I even would suggest to do an episode of it…. and how the wave of freshness folded in on itself.

    • Cecil:

      It’s weird…there is this notion that he is a failed director when really, his films have all been profitable. The only one to majorly underperform was Lady in the Water, which was mostly due to the horrible marketing campaign. Avatar was a bad choice for him to direct. Honestly, that one is a nightmare project that most directors should avoid. Too much studio involvement (they want big numbers but they will muck around with everything) and a rabid fanbase that most likely would be angry with any minor change.

      From what I gather about After Earth, even though his name was on it, Smith was in charge. I don’t think the full story of that one will ever come out. I’m curious to watch the whole thing because I genuinely doubt it deserves to be worst of the year. I’m not saying it will be a good movie but there was some real garbage this year.

      If it came across that I disliked Scream, I don’t. I really like Scream! The second and third (haven’t seen 4) are good in their own ways but not nearly as well constructed as the first. Scream did start the trend of the “meta” slashers, I was just saying it wasn’t the first. If you can check out “There’s nothing out there”. Great flick and so much fun. There is one scene later in the film where they break the 4th wall in a wonderous way.

      Scream did sort of implode. Once it became popular, all the other slashers tried to emulate it, thus turning that style into the cliche. A shame how time sometimes can alter perceptions of positive things into a negative light.

      • demonknight:

        Do yourself a favor. Avoid 4. I love Part 1, and I enjoy 3. 2 had a few moments, but was ultimately 1hr 35min of nothing leading up to a great ending. 4 had nothing. 4 was not awful, just I would rather it not exist. It brought no feelings other than slight discomfort at its mediocrity.

  • Mike:

    A few more prostitute cliches. The hooker with a heart of gold, that teaches a dolt how to love a woman and they end together in the end. The ones that are doing this to go to college and are shown graduating at the end. Supporting a young child or children and are shown pushing a swing at the park in the end. The informant is either held hostage and saved at the end or killed and sparks the revenge part of a movie. And like you guys said they all look like they could walk into a modeling agency and land a gig easily.

    Or if the movie is trying to show them more accurate to real life it’s done in some exaggerated comedic situation. Like a clearly noticeable transvestite, old and withered offering a good time for something really cheap or a disheveled drunk staggering all over the place.

    I think SVU did a fairly good job portraying the junkie ones vs the high dollar ones but when they put Benson “undercover” on the street you have to suspend some serious disbelief.

    • Cecil:

      Ah, the hooker with the heart of gold. That was all over the place in the 70s-80s.

      I think the only movie to even attempt to show hookers in a “sort of” realistic light was Whore. Although the lead was Theresa Russell, who as usual was way too hot to be playing this role.

  • demonknight:

    When are the next six going to pop up here? I listen on Hadley’s site, but for those who do not… They are all up there.

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