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Radiodrome Episode 213 – TV Show Reboots


Episode 213 – TV Show Reboots

With the possibility of an X-Files reboot coming, do we really want it?

7 Responses to “Radiodrome Episode 213 – TV Show Reboots”

  • jack:

    The 1st X-Files movie was good that I own the special edition on DVD. I agree the 2nd was garbage that didn’t feel like the X-Files at all and even without it’s association to the X-Files that makes it worse it was just a bad film.

    I loved the X-Files that is the first TV show I remember that really looked like a film in its presentation and production value that is a standard now and helped really kick off the alien/conspiracy trend of the 90’s.

    X-Files being brought back would only really work if it was a 1 hour, 9 or 10 episodes, one off season and just dealt with the Alien-Government conspiracy.

    Actually looking forward to Twin Peaks as a have seen a few of Lynches film Like Lost Highway, Mulholland Drive, etc but never seen the series itself just scenes and when it airs it ties in with this scene in the original series.

    • Cecil:

      Yeah, I think the X-Files should be a mini series if it comes back. Tie up some loose ends and update the characters a bit. I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

  • CthulhuBob:

    That was a great podcast, I enjoyed the theme a lot. I thought it was funny though, that the host loathes Game of Thrones and yet you all loved that first Outer Limits episode, Sand Kings. Ya see, George RR Martin wrote Sand Kings as well as GoT.
    On a side not: I have the book and when the show premiered I was super-excited to see the adaptation. It compares favourably but the limitations on the FX of the time work against the look of the ants.

  • mogens: it wrong that i Loke shia in Indiana Jones 4 2.inindia Jones 4 was good The Young chronocles was not why do not complain that instead

  • mogens:

    Sorry Cecil its just that i heard you said you diden like shia charaktor in indie 4

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