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Radiodrome Episodes 155-160 – I am late editions


With the holidays and all the other stuff going on around here, I didn’t realize how late I was at posting links to the past Radiodromes. So here they are!

Episode 155 – Product Placement

Episode 156 – What You Don’t Know about Making Movies

Episode 157 – Gay Movies

Episode 158 – Disasters of Movies

Episode 159 – The Untalented Rule

Episode 160 – The Scarlet Letter of R

4 Responses to “Radiodrome Episodes 155-160 – I am late editions”

  • demonknight:

    To anyone curious, my favorite of the bunch (the one I have relistened to the most) was the one on Gay Movies. My least favorite? Probably either Disasters of Movies or What You Don’t Know…. I did know most of it because, in the words of Charley McMullen, “I have read books.” Points if you get the reference.

  • ThatIsAnAndroid:

    Sorry Cecil but Eli Roth is a terrible director, decent actor though and as awful as Channing Tatum is I’d take him over Charlie Hunnam who I’m surprised didn’t get mentioned in the Untalented Rule episode.

    • Cecil:

      Nope. While you may not like his films, he is not even remotely a bad director. His films have a very distinct look and flow very well. He doesn’t shy aware from the brutality and has a way of getting the violence across without glamorizing it. His stuff is very raw and has the feel of the 70s with the polished look of more current films.

      Go watch something from John Moore (Max Payne, A good day to Die Hard) and look how he he can take an energetic action sequence and make it as boring as possible. His camerawork is dull and everything just comes across as flat.

      • ThatIsAnAndroid:

        After seeing his latest film Knock Knock I completely agree it was fantastic pitch black horror comedy. I finally see why people consider him a great director.

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