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Santa With Muscles – Episode 79

Santa, you sleigh me!

10 Responses to “Santa With Muscles – Episode 79”

  • Cristiona:

    I dunno, when I think Christmas, I think The Ref.

    This movie just looks odd. Very high camp (especially in Hogan’s delivery) and bizarro everything else, like the lamb costume (was that explained?). Was how the kids knew a digit of the combo explained? Did leaving orphans pass on their number or something? Also, all of the henchmen look familiar. Watching this movie (or at least, reviews of it) generates an endless cascade of “Hey, it’s that guy!”

    Those crystals look like soul gems, to me. Then again, I’ve been playing a lot of Skyrim lately.

    • Cecil:

      Ah The Ref, good choice. The first time I saw it I didn’t know anything about it aside from the fact that Denis Leary was in it.

      High camp indeed. Yeah, everything was explained. The Lamb costume was because he needed pajamas and they didn’t have anything that would fit him. (yet, they somehow had a bathrobe that was a perfect fit for a 7 foot tall guy?) The kids kept playing with the door and each one of them figured out part of the combination. Since Hulk was an orphan there he did the same thing but he knew the last digit. 2 of the henchmen (Blight and the Geologist) have been in tons of stuff. I pulled their segment out because I was running out of time.

      They do look like soul gems but the first thing that I thought of was the WoW mining deposits. (6 years of WoW will do that to you)

      After finishing the upload I was also able to get in some Skyrim time. I’m currently looking for books for the library and killing a boatload of assassins trying to stop me.

  • bastardjackyll:

    “This is the expression most people will make when you tell them you are going to watch…”

    *spits out coffee laughing*

    • Cecil:

      Yep, classic. I almost did that one this year but decided to go with Santa with Muscles instead. I’ll probably do Santa’s Slay next Christmas.

  • Timo:

    Piezoelectricity has nothing to do with radioactivity. It means an electric charge which is accumulated in certain materials when mechanical stress is applied to them, such as pressure or impacts. Correspondingly, piezoelectric materials deform when you apply an electric current to them. Certain natural crystals are indeed piezoelectric.

  • mogens:

    the spoony one dislikes this

  • mogens:

    the hole shut up meg ga is getting old and terring now i fell bad for meg for the way heer father treats heer so in a way i can say this shut up Cecil se how you like it huh

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