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This week’s hint never chases buses or women

I may have made this too easy.

15 Responses to “This week’s hint never chases buses or women”

  • Cristiona:


    Harley Davidson and the Marlboro Man! Awesome!

    • Cecil:


      One of my all time favorites. I hope I don’t gush about it too much.

      • You frequently say “One of my favorite movies…” or “One of my favorite X-Genre films…”
        Do you have a comprehensive list that can use to keep track of your best picks?

        • Cecil:

          Yikes, it would probably be a long list. The whole “favorites” thing is kind of a crutch I use a bit too often. (kind of like my “the is the ______ thing ever” ) I don’t have a list that I keep written or anything, just whats in my brain.

          I was thinking of doing a top 100 all time favorite movies but I wasn’t sure if anyone would be interested in it.

          I will tell you a few more recent favorites though. JCVD, The Ruins, Grandma’s Boy, Pan’s Labyrinth, and Idiocracy.

          • sunrise089:

            I’d enjoy seeing an actual list. I agree that “it’s one of the best ever!” claims, while charming, start to lose a bit of their punch. It’s better than the Agony Booth’s “we started a website to critique terrible movies and eventually wound up covering noted razzy contenders The Dark Knight, Forest Gump, Eternal Sunshine, and The Fellowship of the Ring (!) but it still makes it a bit hard on the reader to discern your relative opinion on films.

          • Cecil:

            A bad habit I need to address is using the same old crutches over and over. “Best ever!” etc. Sometimes they just sneak in there.

            Movies should always be entertaining. One of the reason I don’t like a lot of mainstream movies is that they often seem to forget that. They are too busy trying to appeal to everyone and end up being entertaining to no one. Some of my favorite movies are movies that will never win any awards but I’d rather watch them than many of the movies the critics rave about.

            I do still enjoy mainstream movies but I find myself enjoying more of the old ones over the crop of new ones. I do get pleasantly surprised now and again though. For example, I just watched In Time and enjoyed the hell out of it. It was an original idea, not a remake, and it was done very well.

      • john:

        Never heard of the film although it actually sounds pretty good and worth a watch.

        Just curious where did you see and hear about these 80’s and 90’s films? Cable TV, video store, internet or all of the abvove?

        • Cristiona:

          HD&tMM is pretty bonkers and a lot of fun.

          I don’t know how Cecil heard about it, but I remember seeing ads on TV for it, back when it was originally released.

        • Cecil:

          This one is totally worth a viewing. Out of many of the movies I’ve covered, I think this is one of the ones that held up the best.

          When I was in High School I used to work next door to a mom and pop video store back in the pre-blockbuster days. I was friends with the girl that worked there and I used to hang out there a lot and rent almost everything that came in as long as it was in the sci-fi, horror, or action genre. (I explained this in much greater and funnier detail in a podcast a while back…if I can find it I’ll post it, I think it is a pretty good story of the old days of VHS)

          As far as how I heard about this movie, I was a big Mickey Rourke fan and saw a ton of tv spots for the film.

          • john:

            Yes it would be good if you would post the podcast if you can find it.

            I used to buy ex-rental videos then DVDs when they came out in the video store that had some relatively obscure films like Citizen Verdict and were much cheaper than retail DVD’s that usually had offers where you could buy so many for a certain price.

  • I’m guessing another post apocalyptic joint.

    To quote SFDebris in his review of “Night of the Comet”; “Harley Davidsons are the only bikes for the Post Apocalypse”.

    • Cecil:

      Sorta. Not exactly post apocalyptic but a “future” where things are a bit off.

      I usually see it like this:

      PA movies that take place primarily in a city – Harley Davidson bikes
      PA movies that take place elsewhere – Misc dirt bikes

  • Stampy:

    Any movie with Tia Carrere gets my vote! I can hear your opening sentance now: “The movie starts with a pre-messed up face Mickey Rourke in a seedy motel, having just banged a hooker.”

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