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Here are your choices for All Request January. TMNT 2, Mortal Kombat, Street Fighter, and Krull. Awesome! Some great picks, this is going to be fun. TMNT 2 took off like a shot, which isn’t surprising because it almost won last year. I have a lot to say about Krull so it’s a good thing I have some extra time to work on it this year! Mortal Kombat and Street Fighter should be a blast.

As for the movies that didn’t make it, I’ll try to pepper them throughout the year. With the exception of Battlefield Earth and The House of the Dead, these movies are all ones that I’ve been wanting to do anyway. (The only way I’ll do Battlefield Earth is if it gets voted in and I might do House of the Dead as a sort of look into Uwe Boll)

Thanks again everyone!

Oh and as for this week, with it being Thanksgiving I’m just doing another brief movie recommendations video. The week after that starts the Christmas movies!

Here are the finalists for All Request January #2! Update

After tallying up the results of seriously hundreds of requests, here is the top 20 most requested.

If you look to the left you should see the poll. Some really good ones in there and apparently since you like to see me suffer, Battlefield Earth and The House of the Dead. Dear lord, don’t make me do both! I had a ton of requests for Karate Kiz when the video of the “worst death ever” went viral a few months back. (in case you are wondering what that movie is)

Since I know some of you like to know, number 21 was The Crippled Masters.

Get your votes in! Pick the top 4 you want to see. The poll will close next wednesday 11/21. Then I will announce the 4 winners that I’ll review in January.

You are all awesome! I can’t wait to see which ones get picked!

UPDATE: Last day to get your votes in! Voting ends tomorrow 11/21 at 7 PM EST.

The Apple – Episiode 112

I’ve never been so high in my life!

Hey Hey Hey

What could the movie be this week? Guess away!

The Second Annual All Request January! Final Day to Add Your Picks!

First off, the hurricane really screwed up my schedule so the episode for Silent Hill will be out this coming sunday.

With that out of the way, All Request January! Last year was a smashing success with Catwoman, Suburban Commando, Re-Animator, and Killer Klowns from Outer Space. What will they be this year?

Here is the deal. For the next two weeks give me all the movies you want to see me do. You can either list them in the comments of this post, email them to, or post them on my facebook wall. At the end of the two weeks (11/14) I will take the top 20 most requested videos and put up a voting poll. For the next week you can then vote for the top 4 you want to see. That gives me all of December to get the episodes together. (also to track down the movies if I have to)

I try my best to do requests during the year but sometimes for whatever reason, I just can’t get to them all. This is your chance to tell me what you really want to see. You want Breakin? You got it. You want TMNT 2 The Secret of the Ooze? Done. Maniac Cop? Troll 2? Simon Sez? Lawnmower Man? You tell me.

So, request away and thanks!

EDIT: One more day to add your picks! The list is great!