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8 More days till Halloween


So this should be a super easy one. Also, to let you know now, this one won’t be up until Halloween night. Then that weekend I’m putting up a Netflix recommendation vid to take a break before I get into a solid November.

All Horror October – Rogue



A journalist is on assignment in Australia. While there, he takes a boat tour through the outback where he and the crew are attacked by a man-eating crocodile.

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All Horror October – The Innkeepers


The Innkeepers

Two friends working during the last few days of the Yankee Pedlar Inn are determined to get proof the place is haunted before it closes.

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All Horror October – Dance of the Dead


Dance of the Dead

A bunch of kids are getting ready for their Prom, but it hits a snag when a zombie outbreak happens.

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Escape Plan (2013) – Review



Escape Plan

Roy Breslin, a guy who gets paid to break out of prisons to find fault in their design, is sent to a prison that is designed to be escape proof.

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