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All Horror October – Deadgirl



Two high school outcasts find an attractive undead girl tied up in an abandoned building. What they do to her is…unpleasant.


This movie is proof that even as oversaturated as the zombie subgenre is right now, there are still ways to keep it fresh. While the subject matter is not aimed at a mainstream audience, this is one of those films that takes risks a major studio never would.


While you think it might just be an exploitative horror film, it’s actually deeper than that. The film covers peer pressure, addiction, teen angst, and the lack of morality in disenfranchised youth. Here are two kids that seem fairly normal but go far beyond what any normal person would be capable of doing.


It is a zombie film, but there is little gore. It gets a bit violent later, but mostly it is about making you uncomfortable with the situation. The depressing tone of this reminded me of the hopelessness felt while watching The Human Centipede. Here were two guys who could be just some seemingly normal kids you know, doing something so horrendously depraved.


This is another film that I think is great, but it isn’t for everyone. If you have the stomach and really want to see a deep, dark portion of humanity, give this a look. I can’t say you’ll enjoy it, but you’ll appreciate it.


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  • mogens:

    happy halloween cecil p.s have you ever thinken of reviewing stephen kings it?

  • adam watson:

    I love this movie, I find it one of the best modern independant horror flicks ever made, it`s deep and dark and kinky and twisted and sick and even a little funny at points!

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