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This one has a guy fighting giant spiders with a chainsaw


15 Responses to “This one has a guy fighting giant spiders with a chainsaw”

  • Cristiona:

    Eight Legged Freaks?

  • V.Dean:

    it looks like a bad looking CGI spider.

  • I remember my brother once rented direct to home video feature called “Arachnia”, could this be it?

  • David Ari.:

    Either Arachnia or Eight Legged Freaks.

  • This DVD has “ Roger Corman presents” across the top so it is clearly going to be a cheesy B-movie featuring spiders and after watching it I can say you get exactly what you’d expect, lots of giant spiders running amok and killing people. Actually that’s not strictly true because camel spiders are not spiders because they have ten limbs but they are arachnids and they are real but fortunately are not as bad as this film makes them out to be. They only grow as big as 12” which is the size of an LP record and not the size of a large dog like the ones in this film. Having seen LPs I can say that I really do not want to come across a real camel spider and I am not very comforted to read about one being found in a house in England and the family living there got so creeped out by it they ran away and claimed it killed their pet dog.

    • Cecil:

      Considering I thought Sharktopus was hilarious, I’m sure I’ll like it.

      A friend of mine was overseas doing a tour in Iraq. He had many encounters with camel spiders. He said that often if you were standing in one location for a while you would turn around and one would be standing behind you. Your instinct after seeing this monster would be to run and they would chase after you. The thing was, they weren’t really chasing you, they were just hiding in your shadow to escape the heat of the sun. When you took off they went after you to get back in your shade. He said they never really bothered anyone in his company, although you did have to make sure to check your bedroll every night to make sure none of them were hiding in there. (scorpions liked to get up in there as well)

  • omg. spiders are my one and only fear. i don’t know if you’ve ever seen that movie with the giant spider-like ants (i think it’s called “them!”), but it pretty much scarred me for life and i think spiders should be exterminated.

    • Cecil:

      Them! was terrifying when I was a kid but I think it is a cool giant monster movie now. Its actually pretty smart too.

      I have a love/hate with spiders. They are kind of “the enemy of my enemy” which is bugs. I HATE bugs. If we were to wipe out spiders we would be overrun with all kinds of disgusting insects. So, the spiders keep them in check. If I find a spider in my house I usually try to trap them and put them outside. If I find a fly or some other insect in my house, I go on full extermination mode. (with my electric shock swatter)

  • The James Cameron version would have been interesting I bet! Too bad it never happened.

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