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Radiodrome Episodes 155-160 – I am late editions


With the holidays and all the other stuff going on around here, I didn’t realize how late I was at posting links to the past Radiodromes. So here they are!

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Radiodrome Episode 154 – Cliches


Sick of cliches, Josh, and Alex hunt for the killer after being kicked off the case and with Cecil being killed only 3 days to retirement.

Radiodrome Episode 153 – Freeball (Spike Lee Poster Thief, Bland Movie Posters, Paul Walker)


Josh, Alex and Cecil discuss Paul Walker’s death, the theft of art from Juan Garcia by Spike Lee and how movie Marketing is where creativity goes to die.

Radiodrome Episode 152 – Art vs Commerce


In this episode we examine the difference between art and commerce. At what point do you stop being an artist and start being a puppet?

Radiodrome Episode 151 – How Watching Movies Has Changed


Tonight we talk about how the ability to watch movies has changed over the years.