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10 of the Best Good Bad Movie Moments Volume 2


While I gear up for a very horror filled October, enjoy another set of Good Bad Movie Moments.

12 Responses to “10 of the Best Good Bad Movie Moments Volume 2”

  • Cristiona:

    Heh, that gun fight ruled.

    While the sex scene wasn’t terrible, Alone in the Dark was a truly awful movie.

    Sadly, that Megaforce green screen was still better than som of the green screen work in Independance Day.

    • john:

      I liked Alone in the Dark. Definitely not one of the worst films ever.

    • Cecil:

      The movie itself (Ballistica) is so much action movie cheese. The whole gun fight has this lead up where they talk about how they do this gun/martial arts style that is so blatantly lifted from Equilibrium. When they are running at each other dodging bullets it is hilarious. I just felt bad for Andrew Divoff because he is such a great bad guy and here he is running at a gun.

      Honestly, I wasn’t going to put the Alone in the Dark scene in there but the footage of what I was going to put there got messed up and I needed to put something in.

  • The guys at “How Did This Get Made” recently reviewed Gymkata on their podcast. You might want to check that out.

  • Big Ninja Jim:

    There were a few categories where I’m like “Duh what other movie has a scene like that?” Then I realized you more than likely had one or two other choices, and they weren’t just picked for the sake of humor.

    • Cecil:

      Also, even though I’m doing the whole “best” it is just there for humor. There will be other “best acting, etc” because this whole thing is just tongue in cheek.

  • Is tracing your lover’s scars in bed really supposed to be romantic?

    “Sound of Thunder” is the only movie on this list I’ve actually seen. Thanks for that reminder. Though I will agree that “Megaforce” had a fantastic green screen shot! Wow.

    So, no one thought of trying to pick up the glass of haunted milk? Okay.

    • Cecil:

      In Alone in the Dark prior to this scene was nothing but Tara Reid and Christian Slater fighting. Then she just lets herself into his apartment and starts boning him. I personally wouldn’t have complained (Tara Reid was still hot back then) but in the context of the film it is so random.

      You should see the full scene in Megaforce. He does a flip with the bike the is hilarious. I’m doing a review on that one in the near future.

  • mogens:

    my bigest scare was stephen kings it pennywise and the spider scared the living crap out of me when i was 7

  • Jr.:

    Oh god A Sound of Thunder. Truly awful

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