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Moonbase – Episode 140

Once more, with feeling


Alright, I re-wrote Moonbase so lets see how it goes the second time around!

Championing Hated Movies Week 4 – Hadley’s List


Gah! I meant to post this sooner. Here is another list of underappreciated movies. 3 big ones on this list.

What do I do when I’m not watching bad movies?


Playing old bad games of course.

I haven’t played Night Trap in ages, as you can tell by the ridiculous amount of missed Oggers. This is one of those games that would perplex most gamers today. Back then though, FMV games were something else. When done well, they were great. They haven’t aged well but still hold a good chunk of nostalgia for someone like me to see past the rough spots.

Anyone ever play Night Trap or any FMV game from back then? I was a big fan of Sewer Shark. Shoot the tubes dog meat!

Riddick (2013) – Review



Vin Diesel – Riddick (The Iron Giant, The Fast and the Furious)
Katee Sackhoff – Dahl (Battlestar Galactica, Nip/Tuck)
Dave Bautista – Diaz (WWE, The Man with the Iron Fists)
Bokeem Woodbine – Moss (The Rock, Devil, Black Dynamite) (Moss Garcia?!?!)
Jordi Molla – Santana (Colombiana, Bad Boys 2)


After the events in The Chronicles of Riddick, Riddick is abandoned on a planet full of some of the worst creatures imaginable.

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