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Howard the Duck – Episode 151

He saved the human race


Since you know what was voted for the next few weeks, this should be simple.

Happy New Year!


Hope you all had a great holiday. I am having a wonderful but busy time. With that, some news.

Good Bad Games!

A side project that I’ve been wanting to get out since forever will finally see the light of day and that is the launch of Good Bad Games. Essentially it is the same as Good Bad Flicks but I’m going to focus on (duh) games. Now don’t worry, Good Bad Flicks isn’t going anywhere, this is just to supplement the show. There will still be (roughly) 4 regular episodes of Good Bad Flicks a month plus (hopefully) at least 1 Good Bad Games a month. If for some reason I don’t have enough time for both I will ALWAYS default to getting the flicks out first. They are the core of what this whole site is about and I will never let them be neglected.

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