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5th Annual Request Month Winners


Some new ones as well as Ghostbusters 2 and Lifeforce finally getting their due.

Evil Dead, Ghostbusters 2, Prince of Darkness, Lifeforce, and Waterworld. Considering these are all going to be Exploring episodes, they might slip further in February depending on how much leg work I have to do on them. I’m going to try to get as much prep done in December but with the holidays and all, sometimes things get crazy.

Thanks to everyone who voted this is going to be another great year!

9 Responses to “5th Annual Request Month Winners”

  • sunrise089:

    Cecil, I watch literally every video you put out on both sites, but 5-for-5 Exploring vs old format isn’t a bit of a let down 🙁

    • Cecil:

      Have no fear! Coming next week is Ghosthouse and then in the coming weeks Quest for the Mighty Sword, Aspen Extreme, Infested, Subspecies, Puppet Master 3, and many more.

      The 5 winners were out of my hands, gotta give folks what they want. It just so happens they wanted a lot of exploring.

  • sunrise089:

    Err….IS a bit of a let down, sorry.

  • Joshnorm:

    Yeah I’m not shocked that these won. The overall pool looked to be geared more towards the exploring videos (which I enjoy) over the traditional ones so I was prepared for this.

    Either way I will make sure to point people to them and watch them 2x as always (YouTube and Escapist).

  • Egil:

    Nice I am weary exited to see the reviews I do wish that you cod do a video about Alien 3 and Alien Resurrection because damn do those movies deserve to be on your show

  • cmlegend:

    Yessss… Looking forward to those old classic especially my all time favorite horror: POD !!!! How do I request movie for you to explore? I would love it if you would look at Dune… so much to say about the movie!!

    Thanks and keep up the good work Cecil !!

  • Cristiona:

    Dragonslayer gets the shaft again.

    Still… really looking forward to Evil Dead. That and Mouth of Madness are two movies that have genuinely, truly, sleep-with-the-lights-on scared me.

  • Dan:

    “Class Of 1984″…It was just on Turner Classics! I will lobby for this movie forever!
    Happy Thanksgiving to you!

  • Melissa:

    Omy god, yes, yes, yes! Finally, Prince of Darkness!!! I’ve waited for this a long time coming! I cannot wait to hear about this one. Still, I’m a bit sad that Isolation isn’t on your list. Is there a chance you may still do that one in the future?

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