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All Horror October – May



A lonely girl who works at an animal hospital tries desperately to connect with people.


What a delightfully disturbing movie. May is just a troubled girl with an awful past who just wants a friend. It is as much a character study as it is a horror film. Angela Bettis gives a phonomenal performance as May, which was no small task. The emotional turmoil that the character goes through is overwhelming.


There are some funny moments to help balance out the depressing tone of the film. Anna Faris does a great job of lightening the tone without delving into “Mr. Derp” territory. After seeing her only in the Scary Movie franchise, I was worried she would bring the film down. She didn’t. (when I first saw this I was only familiar with her from Scary Movie. She has since gone on to be a very solid actress)

The movie gets sick and incredibly twisted towards the end, but it all felt so genuine. I never questioned it.


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  • Cristiona:

    Oh, I remember this one. Very, very good, and really quite sad and touching, too.

    Poor May. 🙁

    Stupid WordPress, let me post!

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