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I got called away on a video shoot this weekend which when mixed with the late end of Arachnia means no time to have an ep this week. So, I’ll just funnel ahead with the goodness for next month…The 3rd annual Mainstream May! Mainstream May is when I take 4 “bigger” movies, usually box office disappointments, and give them the GBF treatment. To give you an idea, last year was Shark Night, Priest, Gi Joe, and DOA. While I do like to focus on the unknown more often, this give me the opportunity to break out and do some newer stuff. Also, the newer movies always brings in more views and in turn more subs/fans. Its not something I want to do all the time (GBF really is more about the lost classics and the underdogs) but I can’t deny the results. Anyway, next week will be a very cool action movie to kick off the month. I do have a surprise that might make its way in there or if not, it will be in June. Thats a really big deal episode but I’m not sure where it will land. You’ll have to tune in to find out. 🙂

In the meantime, enjoy this Ghanese poster for Bloodrayne.

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  • Cristiona:

    So they just randomly photoshopped in the poster to Interview With A Vampire? How odd.

  • john:

    My favourite videos are the ones where you do review movies that other people lambast as bad movies especially if it has a comedic undertone to the film that people think is unintentional and is their main criticism like Jason X as if Uber Jason and the sleeping bag scene where not indications to the contrary.

    Some movies I regard as good and others bad are:

    Spiders (2000)

    Jason X

    – I saw people complain on IMDB that it is a rip off of Buried that itself ripped off the concept from a true abduction case in America in the 70’s I think with the basic concept of a man being held in a bullet proof box that is similar except Brake is interesting and good stuff happens in it unlike Buried.

    Ripley’s Game
    – Sequel to The Talented Mister Ripley that I thought was actually boring so I was surprised how good this movie was that Listverse listed as there top 10 most boring films of all time. WTF!!

    • Cecil:

      There are still people who think Street Fighter is an “unintentional comedy” even though the director came out before the film was released into theaters stating that the movie always had an intentional comedic undertone. It wasn’t a flat out comedy but it had some great intentionally funny moments.

      I’m stunned by the dislike of Jason X. Its such glorious fanservice. I love it to bits.

      I have Brake but haven’t watched it yet.

      The Talented Mr Ripley is one of the most boring, awful, overstuffed piles of crap I was ever forced to sit through. I hate that movie and its one that I refuse to ever watch again.

      I’ll check out Ripley’s Game.

      • john:

        I watched Friday the 13th Part 8 Jason takes Manhattan and I have to say I thought it was terrible

        Most of the film was set on the boat that took them about an hour and 5 minutes to get to New York and the death scenes were some of the worst I have seen and a rotten ending. Worst thing is only about 8 minutes of the scenes where in New York proper with the rest in the docking area and the final sequence in the sewer.

        • Cecil:

          Well, if you are seeing it now I can understand why. It does hold a certain camp value and unfortunately, they lost a lot of their budget which is why they were on the boat the majority of the film. The ending was a total WTF but that was Paramount once again trying to dump the franchise even though it made them a butt ton of money. Although this time they succeeded and sold it to New Line.

  • A friend of mine was telling me just this morning about a Harry Potter knockoff he bought in China were the text was ripped straight from “The Hobbit”, only Bilbo and Gandalf’s names were changed to “Harry Potter” and “Dumbledore” respectively. Reminds me of a lot of this poster.

  • Jack Dazzle:

    Would you ever consider doing foreign movies like Battle Royale or REC.3? Also I’m requesting the movie Freaked! I feel its right up your alley and you give your fans a kinda unknown classic to enjoy.

    • Cecil:

      I love foreign films and I think the only one I’ve done so far was Riki-oh. The main thing is trying to keep the humor in while doing an episode with subtitles. I have been toying with The Machine Girl, Tokyo Gore Police, and Vampire Girl vs Frankenstein Girl for a while now.

      btw Battle Royale and the REC series are awesome so if I ever do cover them, it will be a more serious episode/episodes.

  • katie:

    speaking of foreign films what did you think of brother?

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