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The Winners!


Wow, I gotta say I wasn’t expecting Escape from LA to take the top spot. I’m also surprised that Ghostbusters 2 didn’t make it. I had a ton of requests for it but when voting time came, it was passed right over.

So the winners are Escape from LA, Sleepaway Camp. In the Mouth of Madness, and Dredd. It looks like 3 of the 4 of these are going to be Exploring episodes. Yikes, I’ve got a lot of work to do.

Thanks to everyone who voted! These will be out in January!

33 Responses to “The Winners!”

  • Trevor:

    I wouldn’t call “Dredd” A good Bad movie, it’s an AWESOME movie

    • Weirdo:

      The only good BAD movie here is Escape from L.A. ITMOM and SC are amazing films, but Cecil doesn’t cover only BAD movies exclusively

    • Cecil:

      Agreed. Although, the show has moved on beyond the name a while ago. I cover all things good not just “good/bad”.

  • Rob:

    One of my four picks has been chosen! Ah Right!

  • theNightStar:

    That’s a shame about Ghostbusters 2. It’s a great movie and I really don’t get people’s complaints about it. Easily the kind of movie I feel needs a bit of a defense, and you’re always so good at doing that. Granted, I probably should have involved myself with the voting if that was the case, but I guess i’m completely late to that party, admittedly.

  • MattV:

    Yeah, the only one I agree with is Escape From L.A but; the masses have spoken.

  • Jason Lundgren:

    Sleepaway Camp made the cut! Yes!

  • rocco:

    In the Mouth Of Madness will be such a great episode. Two John Carpenter movies is certainly a good thing. Brainscan really needs some love eventually. The soundtrack alone merits a Good Bad Flicks review. Cant wait for the reviews!

  • Tom:

    Sleepaway Camp made it in the top 4 by a single point! What would you have done in the event of a tie?

  • jack:

    Was hoping Freejack and Dead Rising would make the cut.

    The picks should make good episodes though. I was going to choice Dredd but I figured you covered the history of Dredd and attempts to get I Hollywood film based on it in your review of the 95 Stallone flick.

  • darren j seeley:

    That is just awesome. Dredd was stellar – it’s a shame it underperformed at the box office. I know you’ll mention that Stallone flick, and hopefully a shout out for Hardware wouldn’t hurt. But Dredd rocked!

    It’s a shame Carpenter seems to have burned out after Madness. (I’m sorry, Escape From L.A., (despite surfin’ with Fonda and Bruce Campbell’s Surgeon) was a Escape from NY retread. But In The Mountains Of Madness is his most underrated film by far. Sometimes I wondered if the first Silent Hill film (which I also liked) was influenced by Madness in any way.

    Looking forward to these Cecil.
    Keep up the great work!

  • 2 out of the 4.

    Hooray! My tastes are in line with most people’s tastes!

  • Greg:

    Just a wild guess here, but I suppose we will not be seeing an “Exploring” episode of Sleepaway Camp.

  • Jr.:

    Two of my choices this year? Its gonna be a good 2015 🙂

    Cant wait for the episodes for Escape from LA and In the Mouth of Madness. Two brilliant movies that really need some exposure and love.

    Sleepaway Camp, despite having seen the sequels, i have never actually seen, so im really looking forward to it.

    Dredd I actually never expected to win. I think the movie speaks for itself but still excited to see the Good Bad Flicks take on it!

  • Mike:

    Sleepaway Camp was my only vote that got in, I wasted my votes on too many independents instead of sticking to the party line (kidding). I’ve always like Escape from LA has sort of a “hotel movie” , it’s moves and Kurt Russell is a force to be reckoned. I’m excited about Dredd, I more less hate new movies or I should say hate CGI but you’re able to make a case for new films. I did some light research on In the Mouth of… and it looks batshit.

    Again Awesome Site!, I do my best to spread the word

  • Keith:

    I am happy that In The Mouth of Madness made the list. At least the last “good” Carpenter movie will get the Cecil treatment. You got to love the H.P. Lovecraft inspired story, especially when handled by an excellent director. Looking forward to watching it. Do you read Sutter Cane? So great…

    Escape From LA on the other hand…ugh. It’s just so shocking to me that this was John Carpenter’s next film after ITMOM. It’s just so different from Escape From New York…and not in a good way. To me, it’s like comparing the Tim Burton’s Batman movies to Joel Schumacher’s versions…one is great, the other is crap. At any rate, I’m also looking forward to the review for this…I’m sure I’ll get a big laugh out of it.

    • Cecil:

      I think it will be cool to see two sides to Carpenter. I really feel his heart was in the right place for doing LA but when it came down to it, he really didn’t want to do a sequel. I’ve heard it was Russell who really pushed for it.

  • mogens:

    1.what do you think of Cinema snob review of The sleepyway camp films? 2.who is a better hercules?The rock or arnold swartsnegger?

  • Cristiona:

    Not a bad selection, 3 out of my 4.

    Dredd’s just fantastic, but I can’t wait to see your treatment.

    Escape from LA is an underrated flick in my mind, and I’m glad to see it listed. It wasn’t nearly as serious as Escape from New York, but it was fun as hell. And just a ridiculously nihilistic ending. Yikes!

    And Mouth of Madness. I first saw this at 2am in my dad’s basement, and I had to go up two flights of stairs in a dark house to go to bed afterwards. Honestly, this is one of two movies to genuinely -scare- me. Not just creep me out or give me the willies, but honestly, genuinely scare me in the cold sweat, heart racing, constantly looking over the shoulder sense (the other is the original Evil Dead). It’s a horrifying masterpiece. Can’t wait for your video on it.

    • Cecil:

      I’m trying to figure out the order of these. I have a feeling Sleepaway Camp may be last since I think it might be the longest.

  • Moppet:

    Never going to get to see a Chudd video. ;_;

  • mogens:

    Hercules in New York is defenely a so bad its good film and a must better than crash and bernstein Austin and Ally and Jessie in ny opinion

    • demonknight:

      I agree. A 1980s wacky Schwarzenegger film with campy elements is better than modern Disney Channel shows that try and fail to be funny.

      Not trying to be rude, but your connections should at least be sensible. Like, say, if you connected Hercules in NY to True Lies or Legendary Journeys.

  • JSpirtos:

    Nothing I suggested got picked… HURRAY… no, wait… ahhh shit [grumble].

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