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This year’s winners!


They Live, Phantasm, Gremlins 2, and Howard the Duck.

As some of you have stated, I’m also kind of shocked at They Live. It’s an awesome film and I’ll have no problem talking about it but I always see it as one of those films that everyone already knows is good. I guess that’s it? It was just that popular and you want to hear my insight? Well, whatever it is I’ll be sure to make it a good episode.

It looked like The Room was going to get in there but it ended up being kicked out by Phantasm.

A nice mix, I’m going to have fun with each of these.

As usual, I’ll try to get as many of the ones that didn’t make it over the course of the next year. So, if a movie you wanted to see didn’t make it don’t fret. 🙂

31 Responses to “This year’s winners!”

  • Jason Lundgren:

    Those are great choices, Cecil.

  • Shaun:

    Are you going to show the full extended cut of the They Live fight scene? You know, the one where after awhile both guys can’t walk so they crawl after each other and end up doing a thumb war to get those damn glasses on! 😉
    Yeah, that one 🙂 Totally serious. 🙂

  • demonknight:

    2 of my 4. Phantasm, I feel that an episode would be better on one of the more linear sequels, but whatever… The more Coscarelli the better, more than the same goes for Dante. DuckTits… Who-huh!

    Good job with the new hosting spot on Radiodrome. I imagine that they will be posted here? I think that you’ll do just fine.

    • Cecil:

      Phantasm 2 is my favorite of the series but I have plenty to say about the original.

      Thanks! I’ll be posting the new Radiodromes here once Josh gets my run up. So far I’ve done 3. So far so good. First one was a little rocky but I had a long day at work and didn’t totally have my brain on. Second and third were much better. I’m going to make a new tab for it as well.

      • demonknight:

        Yep. I’d rank em 2,1,4,…………………..3.

        What exactly is it that you do? (I realize that you may be uncomfortable answering this question; if so, feel free not to answer.)

        Looking forward to more new Radiodrome episodes. I didn’t really care for the first one (just because of how it started as “Overview of Skinemax” (as Josh titled it on his site) and ended up being a rant on HBO’s programming).

        Keep going strong, man. I expect more great things of you, man.

        • Cecil:

          3 had its moments but you could tell they were struggling with whatever table scraps the producers were giving them.

          What do I do for a living? Mostly an editor that edits boring things (lectures, award ceremonies, etc) and when I’m not doing that I’m working on the far fringes of the video game world. That grants me the luxury of seeing and doing some cool stuff (probably the coolest thing was working in the recording studio with David Morse for a day) but I’m hoping one day to be able to actually make my own freaking movies.

          Yeah, my first official Radiodrome wasn’t my best showing. (long day at work and just life was getting in the way) The 2nd and 3rd episodes are much more interesting and better overall. I’m hoping the folks who were on the fence about jumping ship since Brad left do give me a chance. I think they would enjoy the new Radiodromes as well as Brad’s new podcast show. (I don’t think he has officially announced the name of his new show yet)

          Thanks. I have lots I want to do so I hope I can get there.

  • joshnorm:

    I would like to see a dissection of They Live like you did with Silent Hill or Halloween 3 because as you know people know its amazing (its like Road House in that way you know its awesome within the first 10 mins).

  • Irishguy:

    i have always wondered is there a definitive version of Phantasm ? its one of those horror movies where i know there are theatrical cuts, tv cuts. dvd, fan edits etc has there even been a blu ray of Phantasm yet ? (no the 2 one has a shout factory blu ray)

    • demonknight:

      I believe that Coscarelli is pretty happy with the theatrical cut. No BD yet. But Anchor Bay may be losing the rights to 1,3,&4.

      • Cecil:

        I would love Shout Factory to pick up the other Phantasms and get them on blu. Although Phantasm one at least has a decent special edition DVD.

  • Roch Desjardins:

    1.they live
    2.Demons 2
    3.Demonic toys

  • Cristiona:

    Two true cult classics, a sequel that was more ignored than hated, and an actual bomb.

    Weird choices this year.

    • Cecil:

      I think the change in location is what threw people off for Gremlins 2. Having it in the city somehow confused people. (and I’ve spoken to some of them)

      Howard the Duck was one of those movies that was hated before it even hit theaters. Granted, it is weird as shit but I think it is a lot of fun and has some impressive visuals. Seriously, the animatronics were incredibly impressive and the monsters were freaky as hell. I chalk it up to a lot of people hating it by default because they heard it sucked.

      • Cristiona:

        I never thought about the change of locations throwing people. I really liked Gremlins 2 (them “singing” still makes me giggle) so I’m looking forward to your review.

        Howard… well… yeah. Weird as shit sounds right. Of course, the source material was pretty weird too.

  • mogens:

    once again i am forbidden too go too mr.coat webside AGAIN could you get inside cecil?

  • john:

    For some reason despite being well known I have never actually seen Howard the Duck I can’t remember them ever airing it on cable and TV in the UK and it is not really mentioned a lot so I just forgot about it.

  • Steve:

    Awesome choices!

    They Live – Classic late 80’s fed up with Hollywood John Carpenter.
    Phantasm – 2 is definitely my favorite. I’ve always looked at Phantasm 1 and 2 kind of like Evil Dead 1 and 2. Part 2 not exactly being a sequel but being a better/lighter remake/do-over.
    Gremlins 2 – Definitely not as heavy as the first but just Joe Dante having fun cramming as many homages/references/cameos as possible. Gremlins as Looney Toons.
    Howard the Duck – How something as weird as Howard the Duck got the budget and effort it did still amazes me. Full blown 80’s ILM treatment (one of Phil Tippet’s best creatures), score by John Barry!!!. The movie is a lot of fun (and just really weird in places).

  • Greg:

    I got 2 out of 4 with Gremlins 2 and They Live. My other two, Showgirls and Basket Case, started strong but faded. I had heard about or seen all of the movies on the list except one. That was The Room. I never heard of it, so I had to check it out. My only response was “Uhhhh…..hmmmm….WHAT?!?!?” So, yeah I understand now.

    • Cecil:

      The Room is one of those movies like Troll 2 and Birdemic. It is infamous for being terrible.

      Showgirls and Basket Case will be coming later in the year. 🙂

  • demonknight:

    I have decided that January will be Good Bad Flick Month. I will watch 20+ movies that are on this show and I have not seen. They are:
    -The Apple
    -Bad Channels
    -The Blob
    -Deep Blue Sea
    -Dr. Giggles
    -The Happening
    -Harley Davidson and the Marlboro Man
    -The Hidden
    -Howard the Duck
    -I Am Number Four
    -The Kiss
    -Mortal Kombat
    -Night of the Creeps
    -Ninja III: The Domination
    -Shark Night
    -Street Fighter

  • James:

    See I KNEW I shouldve been keeping up with the site. Im assuming you gave a list Cecil and people had to select?

    I remember seeing Howard the Duck, and whilst I didnt think it was the GREATEST film on the planet, I dont think it deserved the universal Wicker-Man-type loathing that it got. Actually I think it got more like a ‘Mac and Me’ hatred. Hey I just realised that, in addition to their shameless product placement of McDonalds, the actual title has a flipping reference to the golden arches. Crikey….I suppose thats the only way the film could get funded.

    I dont know if this makes me a sociopath but I SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO wanted to just grab ‘Mac’ and squeeze his neck until his eyeballs popped out

    • Cecil:

      Yes you should! I’ve been trying to do a little more with the site to keep folks coming back during the week and not just on Sundays when I out up a new video. (plus, in a way to try and get more traffic so people check out the videos)

      Yep, I had a list of the top most requested films and everyone voted for their top 4.

  • Lee:

    Jeffrey Jones is brilliant in Howard the Duck, the blend of humor and cruelty makes him a Dark Overlord I’d hang with.

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